Seriously Sassy Pinch Me Im Dreaming

By Maggi Gibson

List price:   £5.99 
Available from:  Waterstones
Rating:  4/5 

Seriously Sassy: Pinch Me I’m Dreaming  

"This is the second book in the Seriously Sassy series about Sassy Wilde, a rock chick trying to become famous so she can sing to the world about her love for planet earth. But as she succeeds in the music industry will she still have time for her best friends and the boy she loves? Suddenly Sassy is in a world of fame and fortune and she has to make a choice, because it’s not just her guitar strings twanging, it’s her heart strings too. I found the story  funny and touching, but I thought the pace of the book was too rapid and I don’t think it lived up to the first book in the series."
Harriet Jarvis-Campbell, age 13 

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