Sexist Clothes: Are You Offended?

Have you heard about the sexist trouser Twitter storm?

It all started when the shop Madhouse put new washing instructions in their chino trousers saying “Give it to your woman, it’s her job”. Sexist yes, a joke designed to get extra publicity – I can almost guarantee it! A photo of the garment’s label was posted on Twitter yesterday  and quickly caused a major storm in a tea cup, with users calling for the brand to be named and shamed. Personally I’m not sure that anyone other than a teenage boy would take this washing instruction seriously, which is why it doesn’t offend me. Plus it almost makes me laugh because I can see someone passing it to their mum/girlfriend and getting a much deserved slap round the head!

Offensive clothing

Having said that, some articles of clothing have and do offend me. I loathed the Topman t-shirts that were released earlier this year and were glad when they were forced to apologise and take them off shelves. Some said they were meant as a joke, but what’s so funny about domestic violence (the t-shirts had an offensive: “I’m sorry but she provoked me/I was drunk/I hate you” slogan).

Naughty labels

And I was never too fond of the old  French Connection FCUK label, especially when I saw it on young teenage girls or the playboy bunny/sexy slogans on t-shirts for young girls and tweens. But what do you think? Do some clothes offend you? Are these Madhouse trousers sexist? Let me know.

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