Should Coleen kick Wayne into touch?

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A man allegedly cheats on his wife while she’s pregnant and the revelations appear all over the press. In normal circumstances you’d expect her to throw him out on his ears and take him to the cleaners.

WAGs are a breed apart from the rest of us, though, aren’t they? With the exception of Cheryl Cole (and it took her a while to come to her senses) they seem to have a remarkable capacity for forgiveness.

I think Coleen should really take the advice of the Nancy Sinatra song on her new ad for Littlewoods, and start walking. But I’d love to hear what you think. Time to get mad, and get everything? Or is it more important to preserve the family unit?

written by Liz Jarvis


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8 Responses to Should Coleen kick Wayne into touch?

  1. Whimsical Wife says:

    You can never be 100% sure that what you read is true and you’ll never know the full story etc etc…. BUT if those headlines ever happened to me – he’d be on his way

  2. New Mummy says:

    If its all true, he needs to go.

  3. Dulwich Divorcee says:

    Hard to know what I’d do in the same circumstances – but I think it would probably involve boots with very big studs 😉

  4. Kat says:

    I would have him out on his ears in a skinny minute. It isn’t like this is the first time he has ever done this! He seems to have a real addiction to prostitutes.

  5. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    That’s a good question; I think as far as taking him to the cleaners is concerned, she knows she will be a rich woman no matter what she decides and I’m afraid I’m rather sceptical when it comes to some of the higher profile WAGS – i.e., a lot are in it for the money. However, the family unit is important but so is our self-respect and if she was to try to preserve that family orientated atmosphere she obviously craves then I think she may be rather disappointed. Once a cheat, always a cheat. And with Rooney’s money, there will be a lot more tarts out there willing to "kiss and tell" so to speak. CJ xx

  6. nappyvalleygirl says:

    Ooh, I hadn’t heard about this one. What is it with footballers? They just can’t seem to keep it in their trousers. I’d leave him, for sure. But very sad for their child.

  7. myshorterstories says:

    I think her self-respect has to be more important. Wayne not only cheated on her, he cheated on the baby, in my view. The baby did not ask to be born. He will not remember living as a family unit– he is too little– and while it is sad that there’s a possibility they’ll split up, and he won’t be raised in the middle of a family unit, isn’t it better for him to be with his Mum when she is either alone or with someone who values her? Kids notice when their mothers don’t value themselves. I did.

  8. samantha says:

    I’d say she’s smart enough and tough enough to do it on her own. Start walking Coleen!


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