Should Parents Drug Babies On Long Flights?

Should parents drug babies on long flights is a subject that’s been causing a storm online. The story which led on BBC website yesterday definitely leads to strong feelings on both sides, with some parents saying it’s ‘abusive’ and others saying it helps the kids cope with jetlag, and other parents saying you shouldn’t even take kids on long flights. The fact remains that holidays aside these days many more people have to take long flights with kids in tow for family and personal reasons. And as airlines get more strict about kids leaving their seats and wandering about and other travellers get more anti-children on flights (over a quarter of people are irritated by crying children on flights) many parents are panicked into giving their babies and toddlers allergy or cough medicine to help the children sleep. And yes,of course it isn’t good for them and doctors do recommend against it but many parents still do it. Having flown with 2 kids under 5 years I can see why. You can bring all the distractions in the world, but after a period of time kids do get distressed by flying and the length of time they have to stay in an enclosed area. And then with the inevitable crying many people, even other parents become incredibly judgmental and mean about kids daring to be kids on planes. I think perhaps, more parents wouldn’t sedate their kids on long haul flights, if airlines and passengers were a bit more child friendly. But what do you think? Would you ever drug your kids on a long flight?  Let us know.