Side Boob and Quardraboobs: Why We All Need New Bras

Are you wearing the right bra size? This is a question I see so often that it’s now ingrained into my head that the majority of British women are walking about with side boobs, quadraboobs (spilling out all over) and droopy boobs. If that’s you don’t be alarmed it’s apparently a national problem and one that grates with most women. Way back when I could afford posh bras, I went to the queen’s bra makers Rigby and Peller for a fitting. There a woman basically took one look at me and sized me up for the most perfect bra I have ever had. Since then I have, of course, I had kids and over the year’s I seem to have gone from a J cup at the height of breast feeding to a D and somewhere in between. Right now I am back where  I started unsure of both my cup size and measurement and putting up with some very ill fitting bras. So it’s great to hear in The Telegraph that Bravissimo the bra company for ladies with a bigger cup size, have launched the very amusing sounding ‘Boob School’, which opened this week in their stores across the UK, and virtually via the company’s website and a Facebook.  It’s for anyone who’s suffering from the side-boob, the quadraboob, saggy cups or the super drooper i.e. anyone who’s bra doesn’t fit properly. The website leads you through all the most common bra problems and their possible solutions such as if the back of your bra is riding too high you need a smaller bra, you have side boob – you need a bigger cup size. The idea is to highlight where your potential pitfall is and then go into a store where you can get fitted for a well priced bra. And unlike the days of old where a measurement was taken with a tape measure (which apparently doesn’t allow for an accurate volume measurement) the fitters at Bravissimo (5% off with KidStart) do it by eye and experience then make you try on various styles to see which suits. A good fitting bra apparently being so good it makes you look and feel slimmer instantly, giving you back your waist and posture. As for the 3 key tips of a well fitted bra they are: 1. Make sure your bra’s back strap is  flush to your back. (You should not be able to pop your hand underneath the back strap easily when it’s on). 2. Ensure that the bra’s underwire sits nicely along your breasts. 3. Make sure the bra’s cup sits smoothly along your skin and against your sternum, plus covers your boobs. I think I’ll be paying the boob school a visit really soon. How about you?