Sisters, sisters…

My sister sent me a text earlier – nothing unusual in that except we haven't been really speaking for the best part of a week. This time (as with all the other times) it was over something incredibly silly, where she said something that made me cross, and I said something that made her crosser, and so on.

Yes even though we're both mums and really should know better we have regular fallouts, much to the despair of our own mum. It's something that's been going on ever since we were kids (when she stuck my hair up with sellotape which had to be cut out and I blamed her for ruining one of our dad's best ties, even though it was me who'd tied it up in knots). In our teens, I was the one who told our parents she had been smoking on the school bus (I know, I know, but I honestly thought they should know) and even though our kids are incredibly close we often have disagreements between ourselves which lead to childish periods of not speaking to each other. I know we should grow up, but she can reduce me from feeling perfectly in control and mature to a foot-stomper in a matter of minutes.

How do you get on with your siblings? Do you still fight like you did when you were kids, or are you like the Brady Bunch now? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis