Sisters, sisters…

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My sister sent me a text earlier – nothing unusual in that except we haven't been really speaking for the best part of a week. This time (as with all the other times) it was over something incredibly silly, where she said something that made me cross, and I said something that made her crosser, and so on.

Yes even though we're both mums and really should know better we have regular fallouts, much to the despair of our own mum. It's something that's been going on ever since we were kids (when she stuck my hair up with sellotape which had to be cut out and I blamed her for ruining one of our dad's best ties, even though it was me who'd tied it up in knots). In our teens, I was the one who told our parents she had been smoking on the school bus (I know, I know, but I honestly thought they should know) and even though our kids are incredibly close we often have disagreements between ourselves which lead to childish periods of not speaking to each other. I know we should grow up, but she can reduce me from feeling perfectly in control and mature to a foot-stomper in a matter of minutes.

How do you get on with your siblings? Do you still fight like you did when you were kids, or are you like the Brady Bunch now? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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10 Responses to Sisters, sisters…

  1. Rosie Scribble says:

    We probably fought when we were younger (I have 2 brothers and 1 sister) but we certainly don’t now. We are all very close. We have definately all matured over the years. I am particularly close to my brother. He is only 20 months younger, that close bond has never disappeared which is lovely really 🙂

  2. zooarchaeologist says:

    You have the same relationship as I have with my sister! We cant help it, its just how it is 🙂

  3. sam says:

    I get on pretty well with my sisters – confrontation’s not our strongest asset. The things that usually wind us up most usually goes on between our kids! Club Penguin has been the bearer of much upset and misconstrued online conversations of late to the point where my five-year-old son was too afraid to use the same server as one of his cousins in case he upset her!! In the past, though, my middle sister and I (I have two) have had some corking rows, on one occasion I hit her over the head with one of those old stand up ashtrays – and knocked her out! To this day I don’t really remember what the rows were about – usually started with a bit of name calling until we got the claws out. Something we laugh about now.

  4. Bev says:

    Oh gosh, I can’t imaging ever having a cross word with my sister. She is my sister, best friend, absolutely everything to my kids (we lost mum when i was pregnant with the first one so she is also takes a ‘grandma’ sort of role with them both) i would do absolutely anything for her. I have a brother too and we are all close. I just feel so lucky! (sorry does that sound smug?) xx

  5. Expat Mum says:

    My sister is eleven months younger than me and we were in the same class at primary school. My parents sent us to different senior schools which was great for us and we are good friends. My brother is three years younger than me and we weren’t particularly close as kids but are now. They’re both on the other side of the Atlantic so I only see them once a year (sniff) and we only fight about teeny things – and usually huff rather than argue. My mother however, can’t stand it if she thinks there’s something amiss and runs between the three of us trying to sort things out – which always makes things worse. I wish she would just let us work through it.

  6. Jacqui P says:

    My sister is 22 months younger than me. Our parents chose to have us close together, so we’d be friends, but it backfired, and we couldn’t stand each other while we were growing up. We’d have horrendous physical fights, and Mum could hear us yelling at each other from the end of our street, when she walked home from work. I wouldn’t even let my sister talk to me at school. But as soon as I left home at 18 our relationship began to improve. Now I’m 36, and we’re great friends – thankfully!

  7. Sarah says:

    Fighting, squabbling and bickering (but maybe not whacking with stand-up ashtrays – although that did make me laugh!) is all part of natural brother / sister relations. To do otherwise is all a bit Stepford Siblings if you ask me. However when it spills over to grown up lives and diminishes your character then the chances are things have got out of hand and need to be addressed. Sometimes parents will do that ‘he’s the clever one, she’s the pretty one and that one is the er, well, sorry who were we talking about again..?!’ Which i reckon can be the stem of a lot of quarrels and upset in later life. I very rarely fight with my sister now but when things do get fractious, a lot of it can be out down to the above. which i think helps us recognise the silliness of it all a bit quicker.

  8. A Modern Mother says:

    Though I have four siblings, we are all fairly spaced out and my sister is 8 years older. This meant she went away to college when I was only ten. We get along well, but we don’t speak on a regular basis (though we email).

  9. New Mummy says:

    I have two sisters and one brother. I get on fine with my younger brother and sister but we are not super close, there is 8 ans 10 years between us. But me and my other sister are really close but we weren’t always. There are 2 1/2 years between us and when we were younger we fought like cat and dog! We had phyical fights and as well as verbal and my sister would throw all my clothes out of the window, she was such a drama queen (funny as she now works in the theatre!). We fought every moment until the day our mother left and then we got a flat of our own and have been best friends ever since, I couldn’t imagine my life without us being that close x

  10. Wife of bold says:

    Your relationship with your sister sounds similar to mine! She’s four years younger than me and the baby of the family, unfortunately she still acts like a child most of the time. We wasn’t talking last christmas but we’ve made up since. She’s my sister and i love her but i don’t think we’ll ever be best friends which is a shame but as they say "you can’t choose your family."


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