Snow joke… so over it now

I should have guessed when the Council suddenly decided to grit the pavements round here yesterday that something was up. Today we woke up to thick, deep snow and it's still coming down. We may have to dig our way out of the front door just to take the dog out.

And to be honest, I'm a bit fed up with it now. If I wanted to live in Siberia I would have moved there and sending your kids to school one day a week is snow joke (sorry). It's pretty of course and fun to play in but it can also be hazardous. I slipped over twice last week (yes I am black and blue) and a friend of mine got stuck in the snow for two hours last week with her little girls in the back of the car. Fortunately she had breakdown cover (if you haven't got it, then the RAC are offering KidStart members £10 back for your kids on all new UK breakdown memberships right now. Click here for more info.)

Anyway, if like us the kids are off school today and they're happy in front of a DVD, it's a good opportunity to do some online sale shopping. Debenhams Blue Cross sale is on with up to 70% off PLUS you get 2.5% back for your kids through KidStart. Kiddicare have up to 60% off (3% back for your kids), Office have up to 75% off plus 4% back and BabiesRUs have their half price sale on – plus 2% back for your kids. Happy shopping!

*How you and your family faring in the snow – and what are your tips for keeping them entertained? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis