So much for Mum of the Year

It may sound harsh, but I have no interest in Kerry Katona and her car crash life. Yes, she had a rough start, but so have many mums, and she's had more opportunities than most to turn it around.

But as a mum I do care about what happens to her four children, and what I found most disturbing about the secret video footage is the apparent lack of awareness for her kids' well-being. Any parenting expert or doctor will tell you that most accidents in the home occur because children swallow something they shouldn't – pills from a handbag left carelessly on a chair, for example, or household chemicals from an unsecured cupboard-under-the-sink. You don't have to be Mum of the Year (a title Kerry won twice!) to know that leaving toxic substances within easy reach of your children is a recipe for disaster.

written by Liz Jarvis