So, who is your celeb mum of the year?

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You may have seen that the shortlist is in for the Bounty Celebrity Mum of the Year award 2009. (Previous winners include Kerry Katona.)

I'm not sure why some of the names are on there – Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel B are obviously devoted mums, ditto Myleene Klass. But does that make them special? And I'm a bit surprised Victoria Beckham isn't on there.

I also struggle with the inclusion of Katie Price on the shortlist. Yes of course she's a loving mum, but I'm not sure she's always put her children's interests first in the past year.

Samantha Cameron is on there, and obviously she has had a lot to cope with this year. On balance, I think she's probably the most deserving winner.

But my personal vote, for someone who isn't on this list, would go to the late Jade Goody. She did everything she could to make sure her children were well provided for before she died, and that makes her a heroine in my book.

I'd love to know what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to So, who is your celeb mum of the year?

  1. sharon says:

    I can only imagine that Katie Price has been included on the shortlist for the "newsworthy headlines" it will create! I was sent an email asking for my nomination for best celebrity mum and I honestly couldn’t name anyone who inspired me from the public eye. All the mums I admire are the ordinary mums I know who do fantastic jobs without massive amounts of cash or paid-for support. The celebrity mums who really annoy me are the ones who claim to be "just normal" when they have so much paid support – or when they say "I don’t have a nanny – just my mum to help out" – well sorry many grandparents have to work full time so can’t help out! Sorry rant over – but I agree with Liz about Jade Goody really as the rest are all much the same.

  2. singlemamasrock says:

    I agree with Sharon – and I’m just not sure what purpose these awards serve other than to fan already inflated egos. Mothers I admire are one’s who put their children first day in day out no matter what who don’t have the benefit of a huge bank balance to help them out.

  3. samantha says:

    I agree with all the comments – shouldn’t these sort of awards go to "ordinary" people without the money & designer label kids? Why oh Why do they need or even deserve an award? my personal opinion is KP should be voted biggest slapper not mum of the year!

  4. Liz says:

    All good points but just to add there is actually a Bounty award for ‘Real Mum’ of the year too – I think it’s held a bit later in the year

  5. Bev says:

    I agree all good points, and how do we know just what good mums they are – we only see the ‘showcase’ version of smiley happy mum and kids. Most mums don’t have the cash for designer clothes, mega parties etc. I’m sure we’d all aspire to be the perfect photoshoot family just don’t always have cash or photo opportunity to do it. Now, where are those ‘paps’ when i’m out for a smiley happy day with my perfectly turned out little ones?!!

  6. Whistlejacket says:

    I see Holly Willoughby, Tess Daly and Charlotte Church are also on the list who are likable celeb mums I think. I agree that we don’t really know how they are in private with their children and how much they’re involved in their day to day care. To have careers like these celebs they must have a lot of help and less involvement with their children than ‘ordinary’ mums. This could be controversial – does having a lot of help make you not such a good mum? Really I suppose this is a bit of fun so shouldn’t be analysed too much. I don’t know who gets my vote, maybe someone who wasn’t a size 8 within a month of giving birth – so that would be Charlotte Church. And I agree Jade Goody was a very down to earth mum too.


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