So who won the election, Mum?

For those of us with children old enough to understand that there was an election last Thursday and that Mum and Dad were voting in it, it was an exciting opportunity to teach our kids about democracy.

We took them to the voting booths, and they watched as we put our voting slips in the big metal box.

But if like me you've had the question 'so who won the election, Mum?' on Friday morning then you might be struggling to answer.

'Was it the party with the most number of votes?' 'No.' 'Why?' 'I don't know. It's very complicated.' 'Who is actually running the country?' 'Hard to say.' 'Who is living at No 10?' 'At the moment, I think no one.' 'Does that mean we don't have a Prime Minister?' 'Yes we do, Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister.' 'But he didn't win the election?' 'Um…. no. No he didn't.' And so on.

How did you explain the results to your kids? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis