So, will your kids be having the swine flu vaccine now?

If you're feeling nervous about vaccines this week, you're not alone. A new poll by KidStart has revealed that a whopping  50% of British parents plan to refuse the swine flu vaccine for their children or themselves when it is offered.

The survey found that just 28% of parents will accept the vaccine for both themselves and their children, while 15% would have the vaccine themselves and only 7% would give it to their kids without having it themselves.

Clearly, many of you feel that the risks of having the vaccine outweight any potential benefits – and following the tragic death this week of the 14-year-old girl after the cervical cancer jab, it's hardly surprising.

It's also been revealed that 1000 youngsters from six months to 12 years are being recruited across the UK to take part in a swine flu vaccine trial over the next fortnight to see which one works best. I understand the need for testing the vaccine, but being totally honest I wouldn't want my children to take part in such a trial. In fact, I don't think any kids should be exposed to a vaccine unless scientists are 100% sure it's safe.

But my son is asthmatic and therefore in a high risk category. I'm not sure I should really deny him the vaccine when it's offered.

Let me know what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis