Sorry but it’s Strictly X Factor for me

Like many families across the UK we gathered on the sofa with a pizza on Saturday night to watch Strictly Come Dancing  Saturday night and (thanks to Sky Plus) the X Factor.

Harriet loves the sparkly dresses on Strictly and Ben likes the auditions on the X-Factor. But as far as I'm concerned, there really isn't a contest. Strictly doesn't hot up until the celebrities with two left feet have been voted off, and I'm not sure Alesha Dixon is really an asset to the panel, either.

The difference with the X Factor is that it's ordinary people trying to sing their way to a better future. Yes some of the stories are a bit contrived and the Cheryl-hugs-the-crying-contestant moment is getting a bit predictable.

But I still prefer watching genuine human emotion to a bunch of overpaid celebs attempting to waltz/tango/rhumba their way around a dancefloor.

Which show do you prefer? Leave your comments below.

written by Liz Jarvis