Sports Relief Weekend

I don’t know about you but when it comes to Comic Relief and Sports Relief I am hooked all the way. Aside from the heart breaking stories that literally make me weep all night, I love the awe inspiring challenges that the comedians, and presenters take on. John Bishop cycling, rowing and running over 295 miles from Paris to London in five days, and Helen Skelton’s Polar Challenge are just two example of how much an ordinary person can do when there’s a good cause in hand. I also love Sports Relief because it’s a good opportunity to get my 5 year old to understand that (1) it’s a good thing to try and raise money for good causes and (2) that not all children are as lucky as her in life. In fact watching the programmes leading up to this weekend together has helped her to see that some people really do lead unimaginably tough lives both here in the UK and abroad. And while some of my friends feel she’s too young to know these things, I disagree. It’s a subject I feel very strongly about because both sets of her grandparents came from incredibly hard backgrounds and from very poor countries. My own mother survived as a child on UN food parcels and many relatives (on both my husband and parents side) died early from diseases which they would have survived from had they lived in the UK. So it’s great that my daughter is both interested and involved. Her school has a whole day of Sports Relief activities lined up and the teachers have actively encouraged the kids to do the Sports Relief Mile on Sunday 25th. So what are you doing for Sports Relief? If you’ve yet to get involved there’s still time check the website for details. Sports Relief is running from today all the way through to the end of Sunday.