How to start your own professional blog business

At KidStart we are constantly on the lookout for talented and upcoming parent bloggers. We invite you to read and share advice to help your blog business succeed.

You might think creating an online business or maintaining a website is a difficult task. We are here to tell you that it shouldn’t be that difficult and most likely you are doing it already. vs

We notice many highly talented parents who use as their blog business instead of creating their own website using Whist some parent bloggers will know this already, for those that don’t, we are here to help explain the difference. Firstly please watch this video: On the surface there is very little difference between and, however has an open source content management system (CMS) giving you access to many more templates and giving you much more design freedom. Look out for our article on web design ideas for blog business coming soon. Plus, all the hard work you are putting into promoting your blog is benefiting more than your own online business. It is tempting to host your blog on because the service is provided for free, while requires you to host your website on a server and purchase a domain name. Don’t see these as a barrier, but as an investment into your business’s future.

Hosting your site

At Kidstart we can offer with 6.5% back for registering your domain and selecting the right server package for you. For WordPress, 123.reg’s basic entry hosting option costs £2.49+ VAT per month. This will provide you with an email and 1GB of server storage to host your content.

Setting up a domain name

For a domain name the cost varies depending on the type of top level domain you want e.g. 123.reg’s pricing is £6.99+ VAT per year for, while .com or .eu is £11.99+ VAT per year. Choosing the right domain is literally a million dollar (pound) question – short, generic dot coms could be worth that much! Check to see if the domain name you have in mind is available. This video shows you how to integrate your new WordPress onto your 123.reg domain: Watch out for our article on transferring content from to Collaborate and grow If you are a parent blogger or work in a business that would like to partner with us, please get in touch. We can promote your site via our extensive reach on social media, add your content and videos on our website, as well as offer you a £5 referral for every new user that registers via your site.

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