Storm in a D-Cup!

How juvenile are we about breasts in this country? I don’t know about you but I can’t believe the amount of comment that’s been made about the cleavage of BBC Breakfast’s new anchor woman Susanna Reid. Not only are the mum of three’s outfits drawing heaps of comments on Twitter but she’s been accused of flirting with guests by daring to wear revealing clothes. Her crime it seems is that she’s an attractive and smart woman on TV who has curves and wears nice clothes. Her riposte to all this cattiness nails it spot on when she says: ‘People seem to be shocked that women have breasts.’ Having always been well endowed in this area I couldn’t agree more with her. What is the fuss with breasts? Ever since mine went past a D I have had the obvious comments thrown at me and not just by men. Certain women also feel the need to comment often in a sly way, as if it’s a look that I am purposely showing off. I also remember going up to a 36G when I was pregnant and even with a belly the size of a small elephant some men would direct entire conversations to my chest area. Other women report the same which is particularly sad seeing as the average British bra size has jumped from 34B to 36D and is on the rise in the UK. Does all this unwanted attention affect what I choose to wear? I’d like to say no, but it does make me think twice. I am particularly reluctant to wear t-shirts that cling in any way and I’m always careful about how much cleavage I have on show (partly  because bending down to pick up small children all day often equals breast spillage!). Exercise means a frightening looking sports bra and as for bikini tops or skimpy swimsuits FORGET IT! Other than that I rarely give my breasts a thought except when I suddenly spot some man staring at them and then I usually want to yell ‘HOW RUDE ARE YOU?” but of course I don’t because I stupidly feel too embarrassed. So I’d like to know how you handle unwanted attention in this area? Is the Susanna Reid debacle all a storm in a D-cup or do we have a very odd attitude to breasts in the UK? Let me know.