Style hit

Now I'm not suggesting for one moment that you and your family start wearing co-ordinating outfits, Von Trapp style – unless you want to, of course. But aren't these new slogan t-shirts by George at Asda brilliant? They have a wide range of options for everyone from babies to adults, and with prices ranging from £3 to £6, they're perfect for summer.

As an added bonus, you get a free download of the original track named on your top from Universal Music with every purchase (there are lots to choose from), plus if you buy your t-shirt through KidStart, you'll even get money back.

And if you want to embarrass your kids in 30 seconds flat, simply download your free copy of I Will Survive, press play and start 'mummy dancing'. Take it from me, it works every time.

written by Liz Jarvis