Super Skinny Celeb Mums

Why does the pressure on mums to spring back into shape post babies never end? I’ve just been reading the papers where as usual the left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing. On one page there is a story about how terrible it is that so many people are condemning Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, for taking too long to lose her baby weight. Yet on the other there is a stream of complimentary articles about celebs like Peaches Geldof, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Heaton for looking fab so quickly after giving birth. It’s no wonder so many new mums feel under immense pressure to lose weight quickly. One recent survey of over 6000 mums found as many as two-thirds of new mothers said they felt a degree of coercion to slim back down as soon as possible. I don’t know how you felt (or feel) but I remember the great yearning I had post baby number two to get in shape again. It was so strong that I rejoined the gym six weeks after my son was born. Of course that was a complete waste of money as I couldn’t find the time to go and when I did I was too exhausted to do anything but lie on the stretching mats. As for my diet both times post birth I ate infrequently and basically survived on caffeine and sugar thanks to lack of sleep and lack of time. Am I back in shape two years down the line? Sadly not. I still have about 12lbs to lose but more than that I hate that I am not a fit person any more. Having said that I’m not so unhappy about it that I’d drag myself to the gym at 6am or give up chocolate. I only really make myself feel bad when I read about yet another celebrity boasting that her baby weight just dropped off. Then I feel I should do something drastic, like stop reading the papers all together! Do these super skinny celebrity mums make you feel bad about your post baby body? Let me know.