Take That – why Mark Owen is such a big disappointment to me

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Let me start off by saying I've never met the man, although he lives quite close to me. I always thought he was the cutest one out of Take That, I voted for him to win Celebrity Big Brother. But it's not like I KNOW him, or anything. (I did once speak to Jason Orange on the phone, but that's a different story).

So I'm surprised at how much it bothers me that Mark has admitted to cheating on Emma, his partner of five years (who he recently married) with not one, not two, but 10 different women.

Why does it bother me so much? Well, apart from the fact I always thought he seemed like such a nice, honest guy, it's because he and Emma have two children, aged three and one. The celeb least likely to cheat, in fact. What a disappointment.

Even more of a let down for his partner, of course.  For their sakes, I hope he gets himself sorted.

written by Liz Jarvis


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12 Responses to Take That – why Mark Owen is such a big disappointment to me

  1. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings says:

    I often wonder if Daddy and I are the last married couple who wouldn’t ever cheat on each other. The fact that they are in the public eye would surely make things harder too… I just don’t get it (the attraction of cheating) and am hoping that a Soap writer will take note and instead of writing about affairs and arguments actually puts a couple in who support and love each other. Of course they have ups and downs, but without it turning into a slanging match or turning to someone else for "comfort". Hope that his Mrs can forgive and forget if that is what she wants.

  2. The Real Mamma Diaries says:

    I’m with you, though I always thought Gary Barlow was the sexiest, even during his chubby phase. What is it with these male celebs and their scant regard for marriage, and loyalty – not just for their wives but their children. What kind of lesson is that teaching their little ones? We’ve had John Terry, Ashley Cole, and now little Mark Owen. Honestly, I don’t trust any stars anymore. More shocking though is their betrayed wives apparent lack of self respect. How can they forgive them when it’s not even a one off? I grew up with a cheating father and it destroyed not only my parents’ marriage but our family and my view of men. I live by the one strike and you’re out rule. Otherwise you have to leave your self-respect at the door of the church when you walk up the aisle and agree to be a doormat when you say your vows.

  3. Hayley says:

    I found this a great shock as well when I heard on twitter this morning. I think the main reason being that he didnt seem like the sort of person you would expect to cheat, let alone with 10 women! I think thats whats making it harder for people to accept as he comes across as such a genuinely lovely guy who loves his family a great deal, and I’m not saying that he doesnt because I’m sure he does. At the end of the day, none of us are going to know the full details only him and emma will. I hope they can sort it out. But I wont blame her if she cant deal with it!

  4. Claire (20somethingmum) says:

    The first things I thought on this blog- "you live near Mark Owen, when can I visit?" and "hmm you spoke to Jason, well he’s not that bad looking these days, what do I have to do to wangle an "interview" and how can I make it into a Mum Blog one when to my knowledge he has no children?" Seriously though, haveto say that if its handed regularly on a plate to someone like him, then they’ll take it. They are after all men. I do feel sorry for his wife, but surely she can’t have thought that when the boys go off on tour, they are going to stay a 100% faithful and not take full advantage of what is there for the taking? Its sad but true, its like that Nickelback song Rockstar. I actually blogged about this subject myself! And sorry, I still so would go there- after all, he’s mates with Robbie…. xxx

  5. Natasha B says:

    Well I have to say I was shocked and verrrrry disappointed in the one I thought was squeaky clean (and maybe a little bit gay) – I always fancied Robbie as he has the cheeky look about him. But its just not right – I mean surely when you decide to have children and get married its about being together for the rest of your life, isn’t it? Maybe I’m just old fashioned but thats how I see it!

  6. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    I think a lot of the problem stems from the fact that we put these celebrities up on pedastals that are so easy to fall from. They’re HUMAN and yes, it’s disappointing but ultimately it’s between them and their partners to sort out which I hope Mark and his partner Emma can do…for the sake of their FAMILY. My husband pointed out to me, after I called John Terry a pig, that I should have the same attitude towards Tiger Woods because he’s done just about the same thing. He’s right but why do I sort of let Tiger off the hook, even though I think it’s reprehensible for him as well. Probably because he’s always been portrayed as such a "good guy" which is similar to Mark Owen and perhaps it’s hardest when the "good guys" take a fall. We expect better from them? I think it’s sad and horrible and I don’t really understand men when it comes to these transgressions…why do they stray? Why do they cheat? Why do they think it’s ok? Maybe that’s the bigger questions…

  7. Mummy's Little Monkey says:

    Why can’t they just keep it in their pants?????? I understand it’s probably very flattering to be chased by all these young, pretty women, but if that’s the lifestyle they thrive on, then why get married, and have kids?? In all the recent high profile cases you don’t see the women trying to have their cake and eat it too. These men have outwardly ‘perfect’ lives, yet they’re not content with all the blessings they have, and that’s really sad.

  8. sara meredith says:

    Why do people get married if they intend to cheat or in some cases have already cheated. To me my marriage was a sign of commitment. Agreeing to only have a relantionship with one man my husband. If i had wanted to sleep around i just wouldnt have taken the vows. Mark Owen is just one of many so called celebs who seem that just because it is there its ok to take it. I hope he can make a new commitment to his wife for the sake of their children, but personally i would be kicking him somewhere it hurts and no not his wallet.

  9. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    It’s just appalling but is happening so often, it’s usually the more famous celebs we hear about is these situations. Whether they think they’ll get away with it i don’t know, or perhaps they have so much money it doesn’t really matter in the eyes of divorce and separation. These men will never learn; their wives often take them back and the cycle starts over. Not much hope for the kids is there. CJ xx

  10. sally says:

    Liz – hand on heart – if you spent much of your time away from home, quaffing champers and fighting off gorgeous men who were desperate to sleep with you, wouldn’t you be tempted to cheat? I would. That’s why I married a man who works in male dominated office and is so exhausted when he gets home from work, he doesn’t even have the energy to cheat at Scrabble. My advice – don’t marry a man with money, time on his hands and adoring fans because nine times out of ten, he will cheat. He is human after all. I’m not disappointed in Mark, but that’s because I’m not married to him.

  11. Supersinglemum says:

    Hmmm, I have to say he is just a bloke. I don’t want to offend anyone but my ex was just a bloke too. Had I read about this the day before I found out my ex had been having a 9 month affair with my then best mate, I too would have been saying things like "my hubby would never do it" etc. He had very strong views of other blokes who cheated on their wives. Yet he did it in one of the worst possible ways, so honestly it doesn’t surprise me about anyone any more. The how and the why will never be answered I guess, but some circumstances just offer too much temptation and I do think the pressure of celebrity make it harder to resist the temptation. And all power to the women who don’t stay – it’s not that long ago that divorce was so rare if your hubby cheated you put up with it, kept your mouth shut and let him do what he wanted. I actually read somewhere recently though that biologically the human race are not actually a monogomous mate for life species – it’s an interesting thought!!!

  12. Lozza says:

    i’m not surprised in mark i think he has been in the center of girls wanting to sleep with him for 20 years now plus he seams like the kind of guy where the woman dose most of the leading in the relesonship. he says he dosent blam his drinking problem but i think the drinking has a lot to do with it i think emma would be stupied not to take him back for good!!!:)


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