Tandem Babies

So Lily Allen and Peaches Geldof are both pregnant just months after giving birth to their first babies. Both will soon have what the papers are calling tandem babies – a newborn and a baby around 1 years. No doubt neither of them listened to their midwives when they were given the post birth contraception speech (who does?) and now both are being forewarned of what is to come. I don’t envy either of them BUT I also have to say my own mother had my brothers and I all within 15 months of each other. At one stage she had 3 kids under 4 and yes she was exhausted and probably didn’t get any sleep for four years but the upside was my brothers and I were incredibly close as kids, and still are as adults. My mother says that she basically threw us all in a room all together and because we were the same age we played together and so it wasn’t as horrible a time as people think. And when we got older it was easier as we all went to the same school, same parties and same classes. Even as teens we went out as a pack so she didn’t have to worry so much. Her one gripe – we all left home within a two year period which was a bit gut wrenching for her. So despite all the negative press about having tandem babies (and I’m wondering if there  perfect age gap for kids anyway), there’s a lot to be said for having your kids close together, unplanned or not. Of course, it takes it’s toll on your body and sanity but ultimately the feeling seems to be that it’s worth it. But what do you think? Have you  had babies close together? What words of wisdom would you have for Peaches and Lily?