Tea gets revolutionary: Discover a new world of tea

The Century of Tea collection

It’s been over a century in the making and today we’re proud to present our collection of 100 new teas sourced from all across the globe. From unusual single estate teas to some seriously inventive blends, you might be surprised by what you find. Anyone for a cucumber infusion? A world-famous Darjeeling? Or perhaps our award-winning Choco-Rooibos?

“Headlined by 67 exclusive Whittard blends, the Century presents a tantalising array of black, white, oolong, yellow and puerh teas, as well as all sorts of fruit and herbal infusions. At the heart of the collection, you’ll find our Signature Teas, an essential selection of famous worldwide tastes and our very own creations.” – Mark Dunhill, Whittard of Chelsea CEO


Black Tea

Our black tea collection turns the tables on typical British tea drinking with extraordinary single origin varieties including Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam, as well as a several of our very own blends. Why not start with a rich and plummy Keemun for breakfast, move on to a nuanced Nilgiritea mid-morning, and get a little extravagant with our Vanilla Sundae blend after lunch. For the afternoon? Our Afternoon Blend of black, green and oolong tea is a classic, but we’d suggest you try our Robert Fortune Blend if you’re in the mood for a story. Who was Robert? Well, that would be telling…

Green Tea

Green tea has generated a bit of a buzz as a health drink over the last few years, but few people know how varied the taste can really be. We’ve selected the best teas grown in China and Japan and created our own flavoured and scented blends. Green tea purists will love our smooth, sweet Sencha, and health nuts should try our Genmaicha – the famous Japanese popcorn tea. The cherry on top? Our Petit Macaron blend of black and green tea, known as the Marie Antoinette of our collection. Let them eat cake! And drink tea, obviously. tea3

Speciality Tea

If you’re looking to expand your tastes, you might like to try our world-class range of teas specifically selected from renowned estates and those with more unusual origins and processing techniques. Connoisseurs will head straight for our rare yellow tea, and our single estate varieties include a selection of Darjeelings, renowned Kenilworth Ceylon and even an extraordinary New Zealand oolong. We’ve also created a number of innovative blends to suit the taste profile of each tea type. Ever heard of a white tea Earl Grey? It’s…Extravagant.  

Fruit and Herbal Infusions

Our fruit and herbal infusions include some of the most exciting tastes in our range and they’re also rather a beauty to behold… Alongside herbal classics like Camomile and Peppermint, you’ll find inventive blends bringing together ingredients from all across the world. Our 2015 Great Taste Award winning Choco-Rooibos is the herbal equivalent of hot chocolate, and our Cucumber Mint infusion is gloriously refreshing. The winner of the tea beauty pageant? We’d say Herbal Chai, with its pom-poms of golden camomile, sweet star anise and pretty pink rose petals. tea2