Teen Speak Translator for Confused Parents

I have my teenager at home this week so I have seized the opportunity to compile a dictionary of ‘teen speak’ .

So I can understand what the heckins she and her friends are on about. I thought I’d share it with you all so you can use it at the next parent’s evening. You’re welcome 🙂 Allow it = let it go as in, “The teacher said your school report was not great, but I have decided to allow it.” Awkward = used in any slightly uncomfortable situation as in, “The dads versus teachers race at Sport’s Day was awkward.” Bare = very as in, “Kidstart have bare good offers.” Butters = ugly as in, “No Charlie, your sister is not butters.” Dolla = money as in, “An account with Kidstart saves you lots of dolla.” Fam = family as in Kidstart allow you make savings for the whole fam.” Peak times = bad times as in, “I lost my job, then got splashed by a passing bus, then broke my leg; peak times.” Peng = good looking as in, “The PE teacher was bare peng”. Piff = attractive as in, “The head of Year three is bare piff.” Safe = cool, alright as in “These offers from Kidstart are safe.” Sick = really good as in, “Look at these sick offers from Kidstart.” Waste Man = waste of space, idiotic person as in “Charlie dropped his popcorn all over the cinema floor. What a waste man.” Whagwan G? = what’s going on gangster? as in, “Welcome home from school children. Now, whagwan my lil Gs?” YOLO = you only live once as in, “I only have £1 left but I really want that chocolate bar. Oh well, I’m going to buy it anyway. YOLO.” Got any to add? That would be safe.

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