Ten gift ideas for Valentine’s day

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I love you lots but what can I get you?

Looking for some inspiration for what to get your partner to celebrate cupid’s role in your love affair? Wondering what’s hot this valentine’s? We have some great ideas for Valentine’s gifts to craft at home or Valentine’s experience gifts to create new memories, but if you are after a more traditional, personalised or unusual gift for Valentine’s day, here are some hand-picked suggestions.

Say it with…

1. The classic valentine’s gift with a twist; Thorntons Alphabet Truffles make a wonderful personalised gift. Say it with chocolate  this Valentine’s! Only £20 for 33 truffles plus 5% KidStart savings.

2. Flowers Direct are refreshingly different, with simplified pricing, free delivery (so you can spend more on your gift) and impressive bouquets wrapped the old fashioned way -brown paper, tied with twine. Delight, amaze & astound your loved one! With their Happiness Guaranteed policy you’ll love what they deliver, or your money back. From £25, Free delivery and 6.5% back for your kids.

Make it personal:

3. Perhaps you know someone who only ever gets a valentines card from their mum? Boost their confidence and your KidStart savings with Scribbler (up to 12% back) and this cracking card using fridge magnets to tell them that there is another person who loves them! Scribbler have a hilarious range of cards to personalise – check them out and have a giggle while you do.


4. What better way to relive a happy memory that to put it together piece by piece with your partner? With My Photo Puzzle you can turn any picture to a jigsaw with up to 2000 pieces, from £19.99. Plus you’ll get 10% back for your kids to make more happy memories.

5. It’s amazing how many husbands admit to being the ‘little spoon’ in bed… This charming set of pillow cases from Etsy has been lovingly illustrated with the hand written typographic messages ‘big spoon’ and ‘little spoon’. Perfect for any fun loving couple as a Valentine’s Day gift. Add a personal touch with a date on the edge of the cases. £27 from Etsy (up to 5% back). Add personalisation for £3.50.


6. Does your partner have a thing for a crisp new notebook? Personalise the classic Moleskine notebook for your loved one with their initials. Or turn this traditional work companion into a little love note. Only £15 from Moleskine, and you can personalise your book or notebook, plus 12% back for your kids with KidStart.

Something different:

7. Not on the High Street offer a wonderful array of personalised valentine’s gifts. If you or your partner has a soft spot for the classic sitcom Friends and frequently quote scenes, you’ll recall Phoebe telling Ross that Rachel is his lobster. Now you can express your undying love with this ‘You are my lobster’ biscuit! £8  and 4% back (normally 3%).


8. Does your partner fancy themselves as the Lord (or Lady) of the family? Then recognise their rightful title and give them the gift of lairdship with Highland titles and get an additional 3% back with Kidstart for the next generation of lords and ladies in your family!

Get hot under the collar:

9. If you fancy adding a bit of spice to your life, why not try a fab sizzle grill master spice set from The Present Finder  – guaranteed to spice up any meal. Spice set £19.99 plus 5% back. One of our team has just bought a Friday Night Curry subscription for her husband who loves all things hot as well as flexing his culinary skills. Spice up your life for only £20 and 5% back.


10. Limited to night in rather than a romantic meal out? Turn off the telly and try some home entertainment instead!


Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!