The 25 Words Every 2 Year Old Should Know!

Scientists have revealed the 25 words and phrases a two year old should know so parents can see how their kids are developing. The new research from the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference pointed out the average 2 year old child should know around 150 words but scores of 75 to 225 are normal. However, they warn alarm bells should start ringing for parents if a toddler uses just 50 words or less. Currently it’s thought that a fifth of all two-year-olds are behind their peers in speech. Of these, half to three quarters are likely to be late-bloomers, but the rest may need speech therapy to help them catch up. Not being able to say much could also be an indicator of other problems. Of course, as with all things children do tend to talk when they’re ready. My daughter talked by her first birthday, my nephew by his fourth and yet, at 5 years old both have the same vocabulary and ability to give their mothers a headache with their constant chatter. I do think this research is good as a way to check if your kids are developing well but it isn’t reason to panic if you have a less talkative child on your hands. However, I do have a problem with the 25 words stated. Surely the ability to have 25 words is probably a better indicator that meeting most words on the list. Anyhow here are the 25 words: mummy, daddy, baby, milk, juice, hello, ball, yes, no, dog, cat, nose, eye, banana, biscuit, car, hot, thank you, bath, shoe, hat, book, all gone, more, and bye bye. What do you think? Is this info/list helpful or does it make you worry even more about your toddler’s development. Let me know.