Da da da, da de da de da: who’s ready for The A-Team?

Now I’ll be really honest and admit I was never really a fan of the A-Team. I liked Dirk Benedict when he was on Celebrity Big Brother, and of course I remember everyone walking round saying ‘I pity the fool.’ But the phenomenon itself sort of passed me by (maybe it was a boy thing?)

So I wasn’t sure at all about seeing the new movie remake  . But it's actually very entertaining. Plenty of macho action, of course, ridiculous scenarios and sharp wit, and a neat cameo by Dirk himself. There are hints of Bourne and Bond, but of course it’s much more tongue-in-cheek than either. The kids loved it. I can see their point.

Good one to put on your summer holiday movie list – as long as you don’t take it too seriously.


*The A-Team opens today 

written by Liz Jarvis