Da da da, da de da de da: who’s ready for The A-Team?

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Now I’ll be really honest and admit I was never really a fan of the A-Team. I liked Dirk Benedict when he was on Celebrity Big Brother, and of course I remember everyone walking round saying ‘I pity the fool.’ But the phenomenon itself sort of passed me by (maybe it was a boy thing?)

So I wasn’t sure at all about seeing the new movie remake  . But it's actually very entertaining. Plenty of macho action, of course, ridiculous scenarios and sharp wit, and a neat cameo by Dirk himself. There are hints of Bourne and Bond, but of course it’s much more tongue-in-cheek than either. The kids loved it. I can see their point.

Good one to put on your summer holiday movie list – as long as you don’t take it too seriously.


*The A-Team opens today 

written by Liz Jarvis


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8 Responses to Da da da, da de da de da: who’s ready for The A-Team?

  1. liveotherwise says:

    It so wasn’t a boy thing, I adored the A team!

  2. Leisure Matters says:

    Every element of The A Team screams "BOY THING!" Gunshots, fires, helicopters, car chases, guns, MR T, action, action action…. need i say more?

  3. Carole@Japanory says:

    Oh no, definitely not a Boy Thing! I loved the (old) A-Team. What those guys could do to a black van with a few rolls of duct tape, sticky-backed plastic and a bundle of wires was incredible! And nobody ever got killed – all the baddies were terrible shots!

  4. firebird2110 says:

    Another girl fan here from back in the day 🙂 My fav phrase being "I love it when a plan comes together"

  5. If I Could Escape says:

    How can you let a post about the A-team go by without mentioning Bradley Cooper’s abs?

  6. nappyvalleygirl says:

    I loved the A-Team. I was about 10 when it was at its peak and a bit of a tomboy. I have a feeling I’d be disappointed by the film though – remakes are never quite as good as the real thing…

  7. Gigi (MumsRock) says:

    loved the A team. Especially Murdoch who they could bust out of the ‘nut-house’ anytime ole George Peppard felt like it. Therefore actually quite nervous about seeing this one so good to know it’s a good old bit of fun. Probably with lots of guns and noise. But you can’t have it all can you (scientifically proven)

  8. Janet says:

    I loved the A-Team! I loved the ridiculous scenarios they got themselves into. And the great plans they came up with. Excellent teatime Saturday TV watching! Think my kids may be still little small though. Thanks for the reminder.


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