Travel Tips From Mums

The end of term cometh and it can’t come soon enough for me. Apart from school run fatigue (see yesterday’s post), I’m busy collating all the best travel tips I can as we are off on holiday for 10 days and also have two weekends away to plan for – one at a kids festival and another at a wedding. Since having kids trips have become a major venture usually in the have-I-got-everything-we-need sense. And usually the answer is no. Over the last few years I have managed to forget everyone’s underwear, nappies and keep-the-kids-busy-on-the-plane items (of which I will never, EVER forget again). Which is why I am loving Solvej Biddle – creator of the travel brand Content&Calm – top tips for travelling with kids. As a mum of two, Solvej created the TrayKit® an all-in-one kid’s travel carry-on to help make travelling more stress free for parents. The pack is just £24.99 and all you do is pack the traykit full of favourite toys, crayons, paper, snacks, etc. and your child carries it on board. It opens up to reveal a perfect play and wipe clean surface (after appearing on Dragon’s Den in September 2010 the Content&Calm Traykit has been sold at a rate of one every 5 minutes). Solvej’s Top Tips for stress free travel are:  1)         Engage Military Packing Planning Gene Whilst this might sound obvious, planning and creating a master packing list for your children avoids last minute panic-packing – a strategy that always leaves you feeling you’re carting around a whole load of extra STUFF with at least one crucial item ending up home alone!  2)         Always Take Supplies For older babies & children take a good supply of drinks and snacks with you to avoid your child getting hungry if there’s an unplanned delay (or for distraction if necessary!)  3)         Always Have A Bag For Each Child As soon as your child is old enough to enjoy toys and books, their own backpack or TrayKit® can be a life-saver.  If they are young, pack it for them with a mixture of familiar toys, paper, crayons but include some new things to make travelling exciting if you’re on a long trip. So what are your best mum travelling tips? Let us know.