The Blizzard Wizard by Frank Hinks – book review

Frank Hinks
Part of the Ramion series 

List price:   £12.99 (RRP) 
Available from:  Waterstones
Rating:  5/5 
Read:  Every night 


"Frank Hinks’ books are so beautifully illustrated and written it’s a pleasure to read them again and again. Kids love them because Frank really seems to ‘get’ them. He knows they want to read classic tales of good v evil, but they also want to read about bottoms and noses and all that kind of stuff.

The Blizzard Wizard is the 14th book in the brilliant Ramion series. When the Blizzard Wizard turns the whole of the kingdom of Ramion into ice, brothers Benjamin, Julius and Alexander plus Scrooey-Looey their half-mad friend set off to gather the four elements which will bind up the Blizzard Wizard and take him back to his prison cell.

It’s a gripping adventure with plenty of scary moments and humour to keep everyone guessing right until the end. Guaranteed to enchant kids of all ages – I read it to Ben, seven, and he loved it. If you haven’t read the whole series it won’t stop you enjoying this book – but it will make you want to read the rest of the series."

Liz Jarvis, LivingwithKids

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