The End Of The School Run

Having got much fodder out of my school run over the last year I was just thinking what I was going to miss about it when school ends next week. I know what I won’t miss – getting rained on twice a day, trying to strap my two year old into his pushchair so he doesn’t get trampled by the rampaging  juniors and having to say ‘Hurry up!’ ten billion times before 9 am every day. What I will miss are the mums I have made friends with. Most have been an amazing support over the last year and have been willing to help when my car broke down, my son threw up all over me iand when I couldn’t make pick up due to various mishaps. Making so many new and good friends was, for me one of the hidden pros I didn’t factor in when my five year old started school. In much the same way pregnancy  groups and NCT was a great way to meet like minded mothers so too has the school run. Of course, just like being in school there are those mums I keep away from and those I don’t tell much too for fear of being gossiped about but on the whole I’ve enjoyed the experience. Other mums tell me the same saying whatever stage you’re at be it baby, toddler or starting school or beyond there are always a wealth of new mum friends to be made. So I’m wondering where else do you find support as a mum? Is the playground a good place, the coffee shop, toddler groups or all of those and more. Let me know.