The Funny Things Kids Say

Though I try hard not to moan about looking horrible, sometimes I find myself lamenting the obvious. This morning was one of those days when I was grumbling about how terrible my face looked. Suggesting to my husband that I should pull my face back with sellotape for a cheap face lift my five year old piped up saying, ‘But mummy you look lovely, just like that lady on TV’. Said lady was Cheryl Cole and while I obviously don’t look like her, it did improve my spirits instantly. It reminded me how much I love the things my kids say and how much it makes me laugh. Recently my daughter also asked me if (1) I used to get a horse and cart to school and (2) Did The Queen and I go to school together!! My godson asked my friend a similar question wondering if she rode dinosaurs to school and if they were extinct, how come she wasn’t. Other friends tell me that their kids are equally funny, choosing choice moments to announce that ‘Mummy said the F-word’ and/or give away private home secrets like ‘Daddy has long nose hair’. I don’t know about you but when I am having a bad day I find these funny questions and comments a great wake up call to remind me to enjoy my kids and their take on the world. How about you? What funny things do your kids say to make you laugh and feel good?