The great Christmas Dinner debate

With Christmas only 10 weeks away (!) the Christmas Dinner Debate has already started in our family.

This is basically my sister and I arguing over who is going to 'host' (cook) Christmas Dinner for our respective families and the matriarch, aka Granny. Since we live pretty close to each other and we're both good cooks we're really arguing about who wants to leave their home least.

Two Decembers ago my sister had one of those accidents they advertise on TV as a possible compensation claim when she tripped over a pile of rubble left by some workmen outside a cinema. It was night and dark and they hadn't left any warning lights. She broke her shoulder (very painful) so of course I offered to cook. But this was pre-kitchen makeover (!) and my old oven was incredibly temperamental. I think we ate at around 6pm in the end, and there was a lot of grizzling, not just from the kids.

Last year we all went to hers, and it was lovely. But this year, as we've had a new kitchen for the past 18 months, I'm pushing to host.

How do you decide who holds Christmas Dinner in your family? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis