The Great Getaway

The holidays are coming, but two out of five families are opting not to go away this summer to save cash. We’re compromising with a week in a caravan in Norfolk next week, and if it ever stops raining we’ll have a lovely time without spending a fortune. Staying in the UK used to be a surefire way of saving money during the holidays but now I’m not so sure – holidaying in Cornwall and Devon has become so retro chic the price of holiday cottages has gone through the roof. I overheard someone decribing a £1000 a week cottage in Devon as “not bad” the other day. Not bad? It would have to have Mr Moseby and the entire staff of The Tipton Hotel on 24 hour call to make it worth it. Even without the Tuscany style cost of accommodation it’s easy to get tripped up on the prom. We manage by taking our giant jar of change which has been filling up with 1p 2p and 5p coins all year and using that to feed the grasping arcade games on the front at Great Yarmouth and Cromer. If we limit the little ones to a handful a day we should make it through without too many tantrums. But reading the papers this morning I wonder whether we should have gone to Greece instead, now that all the other Euro Zone countries have rallied to rescue it from a debt crisis that could have caused its economy to collapse. There should be some last minute bargains available there as those poor Taverna owners sigh with relief. Let me know whether you’re off abroad this year or holidaying at home – and how much do you plan to spend doing it! Deal of the day: Back to school bargain of the day (I know I know..) Get a £65 voucher to spend at the Apple Mac Store  if you buy a laptop and gain 2% for your Kiddybank at the same time if you shop through KidStart. Scary statistic of the say: Couples argue twice as much after having a baby according to a poll of 3000 parents by researcher Mumpoll. Our little darlings give us so much to bicker over our arguments double to an average of 11 a day – but the one thing that stays constant is money – apparently we argue just as much about that before having a baby as after – happy days!