The Great Mash Potato Mash Up

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In our house, even though I do most of the cooking, and even though I taught him how to cook, Man of the House believes he is the only one who can make mash potato properly, and No 1 Son backs him up. (Admittedly he is much stronger than me, hence his skill with a masher). Every time I’ve ever tried to make mash they’ve both complained that it is too lumpy, or that it’s too runny, or I haven’t put enough milk in, or enough butter, or enough seasoning, yada yada. Forget cheating, too – No 1 Son will happily eat M&S's finest but Man of the House can taste non-homemade mash a mile off and refuses to eat it.

Anyway, last week I was sent an OXO Good Grips Potato Ricer to try out (£22, available from Heal's). It’s the kind of implement you see the chefs on the telly use – you simply put the potato in the top, press down the lid and out comes perfectly smooth mash, which you can then fork up until it’s cloud-like light and fluffy. You can also use it to make sauces and baby food. Basically anything that needs to have a smoother consistency.

So last night I decided to serve mash potato, steak and green beans. ‘Try it and see what you think,’ I said to my family after they’d finished inspecting it for lumps.

They ate every last bit. In your face lumpy mash. *cough*

*Who does the best mash in your house? I’d love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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5 Responses to The Great Mash Potato Mash Up

  1. Julie B says:

    It’s the same in our house (I do wonder if it is a strength thing – I have v weedy arms) – husband does all the mashing. Having said that, it is never quite to my satisfaction as I hate sloppy mash, and would rather have it a little on the lumpy side if truth be told.

  2. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I guess as I’m the only chef in my house then I do the best mash! It’s sometimes lumpy but always gets eaten. Amy loves mash with beans over the top. I love it with Lurpak and milk. CJ xx

  3. Deer Baby says:

    I’m ashamed to say it’s my husband’s too. My children much prefer his over mine. Maybe I need a masher like yours…

  4. New Mummy says:

    I have to say OH makes the best mash in our house as well, in fact he is making it as I type! I would love a potato ricer

  5. Baby Genie says:

    Loved reading this! First line, agreeing and nodding as hubby inspects my mash always declaring that he does it better. Then thinking, must recommend potato ricer, reading on to find you got one, and thinking that’ll show them! I couldn’t live without mine, they’re amazing! Sweet potato a little more challenging though!


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