Do You Know A Male ‘Bridget Jones?

A new study by Mintel reveals men now hate being single more than women! Having had Bridget Jones and Carrie from Sex And The City, as the single stereotypes for the last 10 years, it will be interesting to see how the ‘new’ single male will be depicted. I’m betting he’s going to be a more sympathetic stereotype than that of the single woman/mother, who my single friends say is still looked upon as somewhat desperate and lonely. With the survey saying a whopping 70% of men dislike being single (compared to 35% of women) the theory behind this figure seems to be that single men/dads feel more lonely, more unhappy and more left out when they are single than single women do. Having said that a quick survey of the single mums I know seems to point to the fact that most single people feel this way and despite the statistic these ‘desperate’ single men are nowhere to be found. Says one singleton I know, “I’ve been divorced for three years and online dating for a year and most of the men I meet are reluctant to get involved and seem to enjoy playing the field.” I remember when I was single that this also seemed to be the case. Partly because back then single men were seen as happy lads playing the field, while single women were inevitably Bridget Jones stressed about the whole marriage and babies thing. I suspect the truth about being single is somewhere in the middle. Some singletons (both male and female) do feel lonely and left out, while others are more than happy with their choice. But what do you think? Are you single and happy about it? Do single ‘Bridget Jones’s’ get an easier ride than single women? Let me know your thoughts.