The Perfect Woman Doesn’t Exist!

As regular readers of the blog know I love a good survey. The latest one that has me laughing is the about the perfect woman. A new study asked 2000 men if they rated their partner as perfect and the result was there wasn’t a single man who rated his woman as perfect! I think this is good news for mums partly because four out of five men said they liked it that way (of course they did – perfect women, need perfect men) but also because it stops us from thinking we have to be perfect  in order to be a good wife and mum, which is good news at Christmas. The research, for the Remington also found that most men rate their other half as just 67 per cent perfect due to shortcomings such as  a bad temper, disliking sport and being obsessed with cleanliness. Being  guilty on all counts (more on some than others) I think what this shows is that wanting someone to be perfect is the kiss of death to relationships. A fact backed up by the world’s oldest married couple who have been married 80 years  and say that “compromise, living within your means and letting your wife be boss” is what makes for a happy pairing. I will be of course passing that message on to my husband. But what do you think? Would you rather your partner think you were perfect or are you happy to be a normal flawed mother? Let us know.