The School Run – What Are You Wearing?

Just in case you’re bored this half term and have nothing better to do (fat chance I know), one subject to ponder is your back to school wardrobe. In a very funny piece in the New York Times, New York mums have been discussing their school run attire. Most of it is akin to label-gazing at Harvey Nichols as the mums rattle off a list of walking-to-school apparel which includes Celine totes, and Carolina Herrera jackets and even Christian Louboutin’s red-soled shoes. Gwyneth Paltrow has also been sharing her school-run staples in her online newsletter, GOOP, and even let her new pal Beyoncé tag along on the run with her. The pop star wore five-inch heels for the occasion – will she be wearing these in 6 months I wonder? Once, and I might add it was for a reason (I was late getting back from work). I did do the school run in an outfit worthy of the above. Decked out in heels and a dress that cost more than my mortgage I raced into school feeling like a right twit. Aside from being asked if I was having an affair, most of the mums looked at me in pity as I chased (or should I say scarily tottered after) my 18 month old in the playground. The only one who was suitably impressed was my daughter who loudly announced to her friends that ‘My mum looks like a Bratz Doll (I had stacks of TV make up on)’, which in turn had me reaching for a baby wipe. So this obsession the papers have with what mums wear on the school run makes me laugh. Most of us here in the UK don’t care what we wear because we know we’re not walking a catwalk. Am I right, or am I wrong? Let me know your experiences.