The Secret Diet Of Toddlers!

Food, and toddlers is for many of us an emotive issue. The first time round I spent many a sleepless night wondering if my daughter was eating enough, whether her diet had enough of the right things or too much of the rubbish things? Second time around I am more relaxed, partly because my son was ‘helpfully’ weaned by my daughter – with a packet of chocolate buttons! Now a new Toddler Census, commissioned by, has given an interesting insight into what it’s like to be a toddler in Britain today. The research highlights that despite our good intentions toddlers tend to be getting what they want but not necessarily what they need in terms of food The stats show: • Junk, fast and convenience food play a major role with 78% of toddlers surveyed having tried chips, 76% having tried pizza and, 62% had tried chicken nuggets. • Toddlers are also more likely to eat burgers than broccoli, and over half have already visited a fast-food restaurant. • Meanwhile, fussy or faddy eating proves a serious stress to many parents with 44% feeling they have to lie about their toddler’s diet to other parents. While my kids do have a healthy diet I am guilty of pretty much all of the above, partly because where one child goes, so does the other. So my 15 month old has tasted convenience food and been to fast food restaurants and probably doesn’t eat as well as he should. And though I’m of the thinking that, a little bit of everything is good, an excellent short film by the people behind these stats is making me think again. Apparently between the ages of 1 and 3 years toddlers grow 1cm every month and their weight doubles, which means they need 4 times as much vitamin C and iron as we do! Aside from being food for thought it’s making me think twice about what we’re having for dinner tonight. What are your thoughts? Deal of the day: Apple are still offering a FREE £65  Gift Card code for teachers, student and staff on Mac purchases, plus 2% back for your kids on Education Store Purchases before 20 September