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The Stokke Xplory

Price: £519.99 (RRP)


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"I had dreamed of pushing this stroller for months, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. On tearing the box open, I was pleased to find it was very easy to put together – only took me around 15 minutes, and pram assembly is not my forte.  So, where to begin? The obvious difference setting the Xplory apart from its competitors is the height factor. It is beautifully constructed so that your baby sits up high off the ground, away from dirt and pollution, with a great view of everything that’s going on, and much closer to you.

Baby is in the perfect position for lots of interaction, which is said to aid development. My little boy has absolutely loved his new outlook of the world – he is constantly looking around and babbling away contentedly. The seat has a super simple 5 point harness for safety, and three positions (which are so simple to adjust, even one handed), so your little one will be comfy whether awake, relaxing or snoozing. The other exciting aspect of the design, is being able to go “two wheeling”, by adjusting the chassis, the back wheels can basically be folded in, allowing you to go up escalators and make light work of public transport. It takes a little practice to get the knack, but once you do, it’s brilliant – so clever.

Perhaps most importantly, the Xplory is just a dream to push. It easily manoeuvres through tight gaps and round corners with very little effort. The handle is fully adjustable, letting you find your own perfect pushing angle, and the expanding shopping bag is an absolutely genius idea, with loads of room for baby bits and/or must have sale bargains! Technical brilliance aside, this is quite simply a great looking stroller, which is sure to stand out from the crowd. It’s available in several striking colours (we have turquoise, it’s gorgeous!), and the textile pieces are beautifully made to an extremely high standard. Even the rain cover fits on easily!  The only downside is the temptation to keep buying additional textile sets & accessories to ‘pimp your ride!’ In short though, I love it, and would highly recommend the Xplory to others.."

Leslieanne Barclay, 29, West Sussex           Rating:  5/5  />

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