The Tax Credits helpline. Is anybody there?

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I don't often take an instant dislike to someone I haven't even met, but I really, really dislike the woman who does the recorded message on the Tax Credits Helpline. You know the one – she says 'I'm sorry, we're really busy at the moment' and then hangs up.

I've been trying to get through since last Thursday, when I realised there was a mistake on my awards notice. I tried all day Friday and Saturday morning. All day yesterday – every hour, on the hour, from 8am onwards. But each time, I get the same message. Same story this morning.

If you manage to get through, can you tell her I really need to speak to her?

written by Liz Jarvis


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138 Responses to The Tax Credits helpline. Is anybody there?

  1. Laura says:

    I tried yesterday at various times and each time got the message and hang up. At that point I really wouldn’t have minded holding and sitting in a queue. I just wanted to get it sorted. I am now reverting to the old fashioned method and posting it in! Hugely frustrating … and I know that if they noticed there was a problem they would instantly be on the phone to me!

  2. Emma says:

    My OH has been trying to get hold of them and just can never get through , There’s some questions he wants to ask so he thought it better phoning then sending it in but no one ever answers.

  3. says:

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  4. Darrell Butcher says:

    Well, that seems to have taken no time at all! That’s the first time I’ve phoned and got straight through, and the lady I spoke with was very helpful. So, after picking myself up off the floor, this time presented no problems.

  5. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    It’s a disgrace isn’t it and very frustrating. You would think at this time of year when many phone calls will be made to the tax credits office that they would have more staff to deal with queries. Don’t these people realise how important these payments are to people? I let my accountant do all my querying but I would be furious otherwise. Typical of government funding. CJ xx

  6. amy says:

    I got through after the recorded lady’s speech and they hung up on me!!! the cheek! so i phoned back and it happened again. I gave up and tried the next day. Not as though i have the time lol!

  7. LS says:

    I have been trying for three days now, but the autmated service keep on saying try another time, try another time……. cant be bothered. I realy waste money topping up my mobile phone calling the 0845 number yet theres no one there to answer, I think they should imprve their service… i think there are bilions of phone calls receives in a second…. goshhh wat the yell this ppl think… or I think they are lazy to answer leaving that stpid machine to answer our call…. govnmt is not paying wages to the machine!

  8. jp says:

    this is the same situation every year during the renewal period, hmrc actually have almost 1000 extra staff taking calls for tax credits during this busy period, these staff are taken from other helplines to help out. unfortunately over the past 12 months hmrc are no longer recruiting any staff in contact centres so those that leave are never replaced and this obviously puts more strain on the helplines and also the staff answering the calls. i can assure you the staff taking the calls are not too lazy to answer your calls they are taking calls constantly, there simply arent enough staff to deal with the demand and with the expected cutbacks to come this is likely to get worse.

  9. Elizabeth Foden says:

    I phoned the ‘overseas line’ by mistake – 01355 359007 and got through immediately. The call handler was lovely…and did not make me phone back on the 0845 number!

  10. Olga says:

    Many thanks to Elizabeth Foden, whose advice I followed and succeeded! Overseas line – 01355 359007 DOES WORK!

  11. chris says:

    I’ve rang the tax credits office every week on different days at different times for the last 3 months and have never got through to anyone. I want them to stop paying me and they won’t answer the phone!

  12. dave says:

    When calling the overseas – 141 it before and they will ask what country you are calling from.

  13. Mike says:

    It didn’t work for me. They now ask where you are calling from, so have presumably got wise to caller ID masking. The woman on the other end was VERY abrupt when she found out I was in the UK. Googling around, it appears other people have been threatened with their number being blacklisted if they try again. I have been trying to get through for 3 days now.

  14. Julie says:

    After 2 hours of an engaged tone with not even a message gave up and rang the overseas number – got a telling off but they did accept my call

  15. Karen says:

    Its the end of the period for claiming so of course they are busy. I would never leave it until the last few days to sort my claim. Send the paperwork in recorded delivery and make sure you take copies. Its safer and you are covered if there are mistakes. I learnt the hard way doing it all on the telephone and then having no written proof when there was a dispute.

  16. zed says:

    another number 01355 358 007 despiet rinign 40 times and says busy i tried the above number and went straight through

  17. Dani McArthur says:

    I think the overseas line has noticed the volume of calls from the UK and is no longer answering, i tried numerous time and was cut off at different points during the call… As in someone hung up on me or rejected the call. I wouldn’t mind so much but did my renewal as soon as I got my p60 all i’m trying to do is get a letter stating i’m in receipt of working tax credits…fuming as it is the difference between me starting a college course this year or next. Good luck to anyone trying to get through.

  18. M Spencer says:

    Just called on this number and got straight through – 01355 359007. Had no problems and they were happy to deal with my claim.

  19. leanne w says:

    THANKYOU THANKYOU – for displaying 01355 359007 number for tax credits- this one was right and I got through 1st time. I have been trying to get through on the normal 0845 since 10 o’clock this morning and thought I was going mad I don’t think there is anyone working in the uk.

  20. alma creighton says:

    I tried the the number 01355359007 i got through straight away the 0845 number is a joke i was on hold for an hour

  21. dan richards says:

    thank you so much, the 01355 359007 works, went straight through with no problems at all and the kind gentleman at the other took our renewal info, the 0845 number is a disgrace have been trying to get through for a week and was really starting to get worried……..all sorted now tho πŸ™‚ thanks again Elizabeth Foden

  22. priscilla says:

    just tried the number 01355 359007, and got straight through. I’m now a happy bunny after spending weeks tearing out my hair in frustration. Whoever, left the message with that number, i owe you a drink.

  23. Jill says:

    worked a treat for me, wasnt’ asked where i was or anything! answered in less that 2 seconds!! whereas all week the 0845 has been cutting me off!! please just use 01355 359007!! Thanks so much for this post

  24. wendy says:

    Just tried the overseas number as above and got straight through.I was asked if i was calling from overseas and i obviously said no.The guy was really nice and accepted my call but also gave me another number for future use.. 0845 302 1444.. I was soooo stressed but all sorted now

  25. Lloyd says:

    Another vote for 01355 359007. Answered straight away at 19:30. I’d been trying the 0845 number all day without success. Operative was aware of the difficulty with the 0845. Thank you for saving my life – well that’s how it seemed at the time.

  26. Nat says:

    wow I called yesterday about 4.30 and got straight through, did it all and was done in about 5 minutes!

  27. Tarot says:

    Brilliant, definate vote for 01355 3599007! Did not even get asked where I was calling from πŸ™‚

  28. simon says:

    Thankyou for posting the 01355 359007 number. Been trying to get through on the 0845 number now for over 4 days. rang the new number got straight through and gave the information for the renewal. Never got asked if i was overseas either.

  29. bb says:

    i rang the overseas number… first time it didn’t work, the very serious man said i had to ring back on the normal number … second time worked! i said i’d been trying to get through for four days and the nice lady let me stay on ….thanks for the info!

  30. Jo says:

    Thank you so much to hoever originally posted the 01355 number! i been tryin for days and now i got straight through! and like the others i didnt even get asked where i was calling from!!!!all done now….stress over πŸ™‚

  31. AP says:

    Thanks for this number 01355 359007!!! Got through straight away…been trying 0845 for 2 days now. Brilliant!

  32. Shege says:

    Thanks to Elizabeth Foden, who originally posted the overseas number 01355 359007. I tried it and got through straight away. The overseas number listed on the taxcredits helpline was just as useless as the main UK number. I have to wonder if it’s actually a deliberate ploy to earn money from us through premium rate 0845 numbers. Makes you feel like a mug. Thanks again Elizabeth! You should get a commission!

  33. Kerry says:

    If you kepp getting the message that then hangs up ring back straight away and on the third time you ring you will get through. Well not get through but go on hold.

  34. J says:

    We are supposed to ask where folks are calling from if they get through on the overseas line, and WARN them, that next time they do it, their call won’t be handled. At a first attempt, everyone should deal with your enquiry unless it’s previously been flagged πŸ™‚

  35. leannew says:

    I finally got through to tax credits on 28/7/10 thanks to Elizabeth I am so glad i found this site, because the followng day I recieved a phonecall from BT asking if I knew tax credits was a premium number and I had spent £56 trying to get through. I am definately writing letter of complaint and trying to claim it back!!

  36. Lin Meek says:

    I have just rung the 01355 number and got straight through with no questions or problems! Brilliant!!

  37. shelley says:

    Thank you so much for the 01355 number! I originally called on the 5th July to request a Child Tax Credit form, which they said they would send but nothing arrived. Every time I tried to call back to chase previous to July 31st I was told they were too busy dealing with renewals and to call back later. I’ve tried calling this week so many times only to be told they’re too busy and to call back later! Its cost me enough money I’m sure so I don’t feel at all guilty about calling on the overseas line. Hopefully I’ll get my form now.

  38. Chloe says:

    I am absolutely horrified to learn that the "helpline" is premium rate. Talk about stealing from the poor to give to the rich! I have been kept on hold to the tax credits off my parent’s phone for over an hour and a half over the last week (my parents are going to kill me, I assured them it was lo rate, as you’d presume it would be), as they have made a total mess of my credits, stopping them, telling me blatant lies, then denying them, and leading me on a merry dance asking me to appeal when really I didn’t need to in the first place. It’s an absolute outrage, I asked them how i was meant to feed my daughter with no money, and they told me they can’t do anything about that. THANKS THEN!

  39. James Collins says:

    With Virgin Media this number (not the alternative) is 11p connection followed by TEN PENCE a minute. You need to contact your local MP and let them know how unhappy you are. You can be connected for around 4 minutes before you are told they are unable to take your call and you get disconnected. Its tantamount to fraud or obtaining money by deception.

  40. Harriet Smith says:

    The 01355 359007 number was brilliant, no questions where asked as to why i had called this number instead of the 0845 number and the man on the other end of the phone was really helpful, i was off the phone in 5 minutes and no being on hold, not like the 0845 where i was on hold for 1 hour 25 minutes. BIG THANKYOU Elizabeth Fonden!

  41. k says:

    with this now being the 13th of aug i hve been trying to phone 0845 from the 25th jul not been able to get through and when i do on the phone for hours , i got through to an advisor twice in thi time and guess what the first cal they hanged up th next the mn kept saing i cant hear you i am going t have to ed the call with meshouting down the phonehe heard me all right , i came acroos this ste and phoned the overseas number tellingthe man i have been trying for weeks on other number he said people wee taking a sort cut with the number 01355 359007 but he would take my call , vry nice man called alan who helped me in amatter of second call took 5 minutes max thankyou ver much alan u made my day

  42. Anni says:

    Oh how I agree with you !!!! I have been calling for the last 2 days & still havent got through. I have now just managed to get a ring tone to get through to an advisor & have now been holding for 15 mins. All this because THEY have mucked up my application & have threatened to stop my payments. Do you have to have any qualifications to work for them I wonder ??????????

  43. Anni says:

    OK an update. I called the overseas number that folk have listed above & I also got through…no problem & the operator processed my info without question. I guess some of us are just luckier than others on who we get answered by. GOOD LUCK folks !!!! :o(

  44. Dawn says:

    A big ty for posting the other no: i also got through immediately and the guy updated my records no question. Good luck to you all πŸ™‚

  45. Rachel says:

    Used the 01355 359007 number after not being able to get through on the 0845 number for the last two days (at a cost of God knows what as each call lasted almost two minutes before getting the pre-recorded "sorry, try again later" message). Answered by an advisor who asked where I was calling from and gave me the usual spiel about "if you use this number again you’ll be blacklisted", although she went a step further and explained that the reason the number has priority as that it’s the one given to the Armed Forces Overseas to use. Knowing that, as annoyed (and inconvenienced) as I’ve been by Tax Credits Helpline I probably will continue only to use the non-0845 number as a last resort.

  46. Lindsey says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I will try this tomorrow. I just want to tell them of new circumstances, if they try penalising me for being late with the info they can go swivel. πŸ˜‰ (yip, had all the same crap as repeated over and over above … truly shocking … way worse than the CSA! and that’s saying something)

  47. doug says:

    got through on over seas no. but they told me go away really starting to take the piss now

  48. Nicole says:

    Ive been trying all yesterday and this morning. All i need is a form so i can make a claim! And the only way to get it is to call up arrrrrrrg!!! They really need some more staff, this is ridiculous!

  49. Nicole says:

    oh wow! called at 12.45 and heard ringing and then music…was on hold for 15 mins until my call was answered! glad i got them at the right time !

  50. christine gilkes says:

    If i here that womens voice again go through all the message for her to say sorry we are v busy right now and hangs up i have been trying for three day all different times are they gonna pay my phone bill? no i think not v annoyed got no payment and want to no why I think they make money on how many people call up v p…. off

  51. Debbie says:

    After trying to phone the 0845 number for the last week and constantly getting I’m sorry we are unable to take your call, and nearly throwing my phone out the window. I have just phoned the 01355 359007 number and got through straight away and spoke to a very nice lady problem sorted and life is good again.

  52. sandy says:

    just tried the overseas number and got threw thank everthing sorted out now

  53. sarah says:

    thank you for the 01355 359007 number your a life saver thought i was gonna go mad πŸ™‚

  54. Liz says:

    Hi guys, unfortunately when I phoned the 01355 359007 they seem to have got wise to it now and point blankly refused to help. I was clearly upset and explained that I have now been working self employed for the last six weeks and that my child no longer goes to the child minder that I am being given tax credits for and that I’m very worried I am breaking the law and they really couldn’t have given a stuff, he just cut me off in the end. I’m completely disgusted at this. There must be so many people who rely on these payments to live. They need to sort out the problems.

  55. Claire says:

    Would just like to say that I actually love the woman who posted the overseas number. Just tried it after trying to phone the 0845 number for the past week. Got through no problems to an english woman after being on hold for about 1minute! She was lovely and updated my DD nursery details in a matter of seconds. She never asked anything about where I was calling from etc. It was just like being through to the normal call centre without that annoying woman saying "I’m sorry but we are currently very busy blah blah blah!" Thank you!!! You have saved me from smashing up my phone through frustration πŸ™‚

  56. Sharron says:

    Overseas number worked a treat at 8.30 this morning queued for 7 minutes but after the 0845 number was just happy to be allowed to join the queue. When I got through I was chastised for my naughtiness and had to promise to never use the number again. But my updates are in. They need to update, you can declare your earnings easily on line why not tax credit updates.

  57. Cat says:

    Thankyou so much for the overseas number. I have been trying the helpline all week to no avail. Called the overseas number, told them I was calling from Spain on holiday and expressed my frustration at not being able to get through in uk, the lady was lovely and all was sorted in 5 mins. I had to use the mobile though instead of home line so they couldn’t see that I was actually in the uk but it worked!!

  58. GARETH says:


  59. claire says:

    omg 15 pound in top ups on phone nobody is aswering i need some help to get taxs credits bk for my kids i keep getting same message of woman on answering machine on the 0845 number

  60. claire says:

    wow thank you who ever give number out 01355 all solved at atlast after phoning up for 2 days

  61. Lorna says:

    If you don’t get anywhere phone ur local MP, I had problems with gettin my tax credits started and they were telling me i would be waiting weeks even tho i had already waited 6 weeks which was unnecessary so I phoned my local MP who happened to be Gordon Brown and i was paid my credits in a week.

  62. Lorna says:

    Also you can use 02890 538192 so you won’t pay the premium number and it takes you to the normal 0845 menu so u won’t have them shouting at u

  63. marianne says:

    I must have had the I’m sorry we’re busy right now message about 50 times today. I’ve tried all day. I tried the international number but although I got through straight away, Adviser would not talk to me and gave me 0845 joke number. I am so angry, stressed and desperate as I’ve been waiting 14 weeks and have to care for my disabled son full time. Trying to find local mp number now

  64. Donna says:

    Thanks for the help with the 01355 number I got through first time, I have been trying for a week to get through to them on the 0845 number, I got the same rubbish about using this number but the lady still took my call. If they had better information on the web site like, "they know they are receiving a large amount of calls and to keep trying if you get the busy message" or at least have an email address that you can try and get an automated responce to say that they are busy you would at least know whats happening. I think using a permium rate number is discracefull we are asking for help from the goverment because we are all short on money and not for the fun of it!!! something needs to be done about having to use the 0845 number.

  65. Rachel says:

    Really dont know what to do now, have lost my job really need to talk to them and for 4 weeks i have had the same message ‘im sorry we are really busy right now’. I have called the overseas line and they wont help! Feel like hitting my head up a brick wall.

  66. eve says:

    I hear you guys !! I’ve been trying for the last 3 days to get through to someone at Tax credits and am staggered that no matter what time of day or how many times I call I keep getting the same recorded message after navigating my way through the automated system options. The message simply says "I’m sorry all our advisors are on other calls at the moment, you might like to try later" it then goes on to state the opening times and says "goodbye" and then the call is terminated. Why on earth does it not give the option to hold for an advisor???? Also if they are shortstaffed , there are people crying out for jobs right now!! perhaps there are only 2 advisors for the whole country!! This has definitely gone down hill, once upon a time you could actually get through to someone on the Tax credits helpline!!! I guess I’m going to have to write a letter to advise them of a change in my circumstances……

  67. eve says:

    Just got through on the 01355 number! THANK YOU LIZ!! Although the advisor helped me , she did say that I should not use that number in the future as it is for overseas applicants.

  68. KB says:

    Yay! Just got through on the 01355 number, thank you sooooo much to the person who posted that information. No problems at all. I had been trying the 0845 number since days to inform them of change in circumstances and was getting really frustrated with the automated message.

  69. Rachel says:

    I have just tried the overseas line again and this time they took the call no questions asked. I had geared myself up to tell them i was on holiday in order for them to take the call but that was not necessary. Although i have got through I am still going to progress a complaint as there are so many people going through enough stress and worry without having to go through this too. I have also taken it up with my local MP so watch this space.

  70. damian says:


  71. Nicola says:

    Rang the 01355 number. its defo in newcastle. sorted my problems straight away and was on the phone a total of nine minutes. whoever gave this number you are a legend! thank you

  72. carlie says:

    i have been trying for 3 wks to get through to the 0845 number i only want a form sent out in the post to make aclaim for a new baby tried the over seas number but they refused point blank to deal with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Zowie says:

    I have been trying to get through for the last 3 days. I’ve made about 50 calls and get the same message. We are very busy at the moment. Then it hangs up. My phone bill is shocking as it cost 0.290 every call. It would be different if I owed them money!!! It’s shocking that you can not through to report changes. I’m really not impressed.

  74. DavidH says:

    I wouldn’t recommend reverting to writing to them, I did just that back in January to advise of a change of address and they obviously cocked that up too because I received no renewal notification and my claim has stopped. Now trying to call therm to sort it out and CAN’T GET THROUGH!!!!!!

  75. DavidC says:

    Rang the 01355 number this morning and got through instantly! Was told off for calling the overseas helpline from the UK but the guy was happy to help and is sending a claim pack out to me. Has been a real worry trying to sort tax credits out using the 0845 number, they’re always busy!

  76. Claire G says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to get through for over a week. Got straight through on 01355 number. The guy processed my changes and was very helpful but when I complained about the number of times I’d tried to get through on the 0845 number he did tell me that my number would be blocked on that line and I wouldn’t be able to use it in future. Got an address to write to re the tons of calls though if anyone else wants it: Complaints Manager, Contact Centres Head Office, Trinity Bridge House, 5th Floor, West Wing, 2 Dearmans Place, Salford. M3 5DU. Tri

  77. Bex says:

    01355 359007 number is experiencing high call voumes, but at least it actually rings… so will try again later and get back to you

  78. Bex says:

    Just got through to a lovely gentleman who updated my records and processed my claim for WTC all with 5 minutes… To the person who got this number and posted it. I LOVE YOU……. YOU ARE A LEGEND

  79. caroline m says:

    omg!! so grateful for finding this website i have been going mad with that 0845 number 2wks of calling and never once got an answer and when ur at work all day then sorting the kids the last thing u want 2do is sit and call that number every 5mins to then be cut off ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! whoever first found the 01355 number deserves a medal u hav saved many phones from being stamped on and many parents from insanity, most importantly many parents from being skint for weeks on end trying to get through to this useless helpline they claim to be open!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS MUCH NEEDED NUMBER xxx

  80. gill says:

    I been trying to ring wtc up for the last 3 weeks every day and there always busy I tried the 01355 but its not in service, what is going on…………………

  81. Martin Cartwright says:

    The overseas number works! I got through after about a minute! The lady was very helpful said nothing about me being in the UK! I really needed this too as we are on a low wage :-). Happy days!

  82. Stephanie says:

    Thanks very much to Elizabeth for supplying the 01355 359007 number for tax credits…after weeks of trying the 0845 number without any luck, got through straight away on the 01355 number…. For any having trouble speaking to Tax credits, call it now πŸ™‚ The call handler was lovely too and didn’t even ask if I was calling from abroad.

  83. Andree says:

    What a Godsend this thread was. After a full week of being cut off the lady on the overseas line helped me complete the changes I needed to. I did get a small slap on the wrist for using that number but she kindly sorted me out. Thanks again xx

  84. Lisa says:

    Wow thank god for the internet – received a letter saying i owed them money (which i dont) and havent been able to get through!! thankfully i used the above number with no issues and its all dealt with now!!

  85. jackie thomas says:

    ive been trying to get through to these people for a week its a bloody joke these peopl think ive got money to waste.they tell u to inform them of changes of circumstances and all u get is that bloody woman saying they are busy it stupie

  86. Rodger says:

    Rang the 01355 no and was told they couldnt help. Convinced my wife to try again and got through to someone else that was more than happy to help. Try this number even if you get rejected the first time πŸ™‚

  87. Anna says:

    I have been trying the 0845 for 3 days now around 20 times a day.. rang the 01355 number, my call was answered within 10 seconds, and the lady changed my details there & then – and never once told me off for using it… I am dredding my phone bill though from the 0845 calls I made. Try the 01355 number – it does work!

  88. nik says:

    omg!!!………………..01355 359007 is acutally the only number that works! dont waste your time on the other one as you press all those numbers for the right department THEN!!! THEY SAY ” SORRY WE ARE BUSY PLEASE CALL AGAIN LATER” ARGHHH!!!! they really bug me! then it can take up to 4 weeks to get any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat a joke!!!!!

  89. kirsty says:

    after 8 friggin days of phoning that USELESS and expensive 0845 number i have just tried the 02890 538192 number, and OH MY GOD, i’m ON HOLD!! that blasted woman didn’t hang up on me!! lets hope i get thru soon!! πŸ˜€

  90. Dee says:

    As so many others have stated; thank you Elizabeth Foden! – God knows how many peoples sanity you have saved! As with other folk, I got through to a lovely gentleman who did inform me that I’d called the wrong number and that I could be refused assistance by other operators – being super nice and playing the fool pays off πŸ™‚ (though holding your cool after calling the 0845 number 500 times is very difficult xD) Only trouble now is, after informing them that my employment has ended (before receiving my P45) I’ll have to call them again to inform them of my estimated earnings for this year – I think I’ll write them a letter and send it by recorded delivery πŸ™‚ My sincerest thanks to you Ms Foden πŸ™‚ – Please folks, use the 01355 359007 line rather than scream at that infuriating pre-recorded woman for hours ^^

  91. berni lyons says:

    Many, Many thanks for new number got through straight away and sorted everything that needed sorting. xxxxx

  92. pam says:

    thanks for 01355 though straight away after endless attempts on the tax credit helpline.cheers ta thanx a bunch!

  93. Julie says:

    Thank you so much I’ve been trying since the beginning of July and finally got through and they didn’t ask me where I was calling from. All I wanted was a claim pack to be sent to me and you would think it would be easier to do it through the website!


    Thank goodness for that number! Have been trying for a month on the 0845 number, they have actually reduced my tax credits as my daughter has just done her GCSE’s and I haven’t been able to contact them to confirm she is staying in full time education! So annoying. Hopefully they will update my payments pronto! They did ask what country I was in and when I told them I was ringing from Wales they said they would take my call this time but would be making a note on he system and next time they might not take my call if ringing from inside the UK. What a joke.

  95. Katy says:

    I just got through straightaway on the 01355 number after unsuccessfully trying to contact them on the 0845 since July! The guy didn’t even ask where I was phoning from and I didn’t get a row or anything! πŸ™‚ That 0845 number is a total duffer….

  96. TP says:

    WOW – after trying the 0845 number at different times of the day for several days just to be called they are too busy to take my call. Phone the 01355 no straight and was dealt with by a very kind gentleman who told me that I shouldn’t be using this number but that he would deal with my query. Thank you so much – finding this has been a great help.

  97. k8.burns says:

    BRILLIANT…… ive been trying 4 3 days to no avail………….. tried over seas and got through straight away……….. on the phone as we speak!! GREAT = )

  98. Jane says:

    Have been trying to get through for 4 weeks, stumbled upon this website and THANK YOU, rang the 01355 number. Straight through, very helpful man, no questions asked about why I was using this number. Once agaIn THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  99. karim says:

    Thank you ever so much for that miraculous number, i have tried and ,maybe paid in premium phone calls the same amount i would have received from the HRMC, by trying to reach them through their given 0845 help line. there is no doubt about it, it is done in purpose, making people pay back in premiums calls that would never go through, whatever they get from them, talking about scam, they should be prosecuted or at leat forced to pay back what they ripped off poor people . it just beggers the belief that a government establishment do that to the people who pay their insane wages.

  100. Rachel says:

    absolutely brilliant, no messing with this number!! I thank you πŸ™‚ i had been calling 02890538192 which is same menu 4 uk callers as the 0845 number except 4 the much lower landline call charges…..but got really peed off with that damn recorded message after a week of hearing it!! i would have actually been pleased to have been placed in a queue after the 1st few times of trying. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH 4 that number….ur a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Linda says:

    Thank you so much! I rang 01355 number and got through straight away. The man told my off and said I had to ring back on the 0845 number! I told him I had tried for over a week and as I am already on anti depressants i am ready to throw myself under a bus (true)! He then agreed to help me this time but I will not be able to use this number again, verbal slapped wrist I think.

  102. Justine Wyer says:

    I got through on the overseas number – very pleasant and sorted my query out in minutes! Best advice on here – use that number!!

  103. tracey says:

    Wow thank you so much, i had been calling them all week on the 0845 number and couldnt get through but i just called the 01355 and got through straight away to a very helpful lady. So thank you very much πŸ™‚

  104. Jenny says:

    Thank you for displaying the overseas number, I initially picked up on the post by Elizabeth Foden. I phoned them, explained that I had been trying to get through to WFTC for days and inparticular one day phoned every 15 minutes throughout their listed ‘opening hours’ and had the phone hung up on me everytime (Im not sure if it was the desperation in my voice or just that I’d got through to somebody nice) but the chap I spoke to was very helpful and after 2 minutes all was sorted. Why can’t we have the bods from the overseas department as they seem to be a hell of a lot more helpful!!! .

  105. Lindy says:

    Had been trying 0845 300 3900 for a week just to get them to send me a replacement TC602 form and to check that they were aware that my daughter was going into further education after passing her GCSE’s. I’d already informed the child benefit agency, but apparently tax credits need to be informed separately. Anyway, after a week of wasted time and money dialling 3900, have just found on another website that I could call 0845 300 3600 – tried it and got through straightaway!!

  106. Rach says:

    Thank God!!!! Used the 01355 number (thank you whoever put this on here you are a legend!) at ‘peak’ time and got through straight away. Lady was extremely polite, helpful etc. Hubby and I have been trying the 0845 number daily for 4 weeks (have itemised bills to prove it too) now in work lunch breaks, early mornings and late evenings to get through and be told all all agents busy try later and then be CUT OFF! so angry about this after they advertise tell them immediately of changes and then you cant bl**dy get through. No danger they will add a bit extra on to our awards to compensate for our time and calls is there? Just remains to be seen if we receive an up to date notification letter reflecting all our changes and an increase to our payments…..they’re quick to chase you when you owe them a couple of quid so be interesting to see what happens when the tables are turned.

  107. Tara says:

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea how long they are taking to respond to written/posted change of circs letters? I sent mine recorded delivery back in July but have had no response yet. Of course silly me once I saw the ‘delivered’notice on royal mail website i misplaced the receipt proving post (am hunting for it still). But am really worried they wont backdate the claim to when i originally told them of changes…(I would be entitled to more money!) Any advice? I gave up on phones, 01355 refused me, when i got through to 0845 they mumbled then rudely hung up!

  108. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for the 01355 number, I got through within one minute and the woman I spoke to was really helpful, she didn’t ask if I was calling from the UK or Overseas and she dealt with my ammendment straight away. I had been trying to get through to 0845 number for 4 weeks ringing 3/4 times a day at different times and always got told it was busy!!! Can’t believe I finally have spoken to them, such a relief when you rely on the payments due to being on maternity leave!! x

  109. s says:

    yes, got through on overeas number straight away. She asked me where I was calling from, I said UK and she said I hoiuldn’t be calling that number but said she would deal with it this time. Thanks everyone.

  110. John says:

    Thankyou for the 01355 number. Been calling the 0845 number for weeks with no joy then ONE call to 01355 359007 and a very helpful lady sorted my problem with no fuss at all. I wasn’t asked where I was calling from.

  111. very last says:

    YES..YES..YES.. AT LAST…I GOT THROUGH. using the overseas number. had a lovely gentleman. Gave me all the info i needed. Didn’t even get asked where i was calling from. And, if it helps, my query was why had my tax credits dropped even though they had been told in may that my daughter was going to college. Apparently, its being updated this week…and this week i will recieve different payments on different days. then from next monday, i will recieve regular payments…just losing 3 pound a week. hope this helps anyone with the same query. Thank you elizabeth. I think you deserve a medal. You’ve restored so much sanity in people. 3 cheers for elizabeth!!!

  112. Boo says:

    Thanx for number rang 10mins ago got through straight away, was only on phone for 5 minutes.. Been trying the 0845 number for 4 weeks now & didn’t even speak to anyone lol.. The number is a joke, the say to notify them with any changes.. How can u do that if they won’t answer the phone.. Anyway thanx again Elizabeth much appreciated πŸ™‚

  113. samantha says:

    got through on the number 01355 very helpful. gave me a breakdown of what tax credits i get…was trying for 5 days on 0845 number…… thanks

  114. John says:

    Brilliant information. Trying all week in the 0845 number without success or on hold for an hour or so. Called the 01355 number and straight through. Sorted out my TC problem in five minutes. Can’t thank you enough for this number. Thanks Elizabeth. πŸ™‚

  115. Jayne says:

    Brilliant, after trying to get through for days to the 0845 number I used the 01355 number no questions asked and sorted straight away πŸ™‚ Thanks Elizabeth πŸ˜‰

  116. joanna says:

    it’s a joke, i can’t afford to feed my son unless i get my tax credits and i can’t get them because i can’t get through on the helpline!! dread to think how much it’s costing me to keep phoning them because the silly automatic message talks to you for about 2 mins before cutting you off because they’re busy …. seriously this is causing me so much stress and i can’t manage unless i get the proper tax credits. irate, desperate single mum.

  117. joanna says:

    used overseas number. got through!!!!!! thank you SO MUCH!

  118. Suzanne says:

    Had been trying on the 0845 number for over a fortnight….no joy just the busy message and no choice to join a queue, so I too tried the overseas no 01355 359007 and got through straight away….no menus or options to choose, just a nice, normal person on the other end of the phone who knew what she was talking about and answered my queries.

  119. Cat says:

    I too tried the overseas no 01355 359007 and got through straight away….. Lol this country only like to help the none British!!!!!!!!

  120. Mrs Wendy Adams says:

    I have been trying for two weeks tio inform them that i am now married I got that fed up trying and being hung up on by a recorded message that i have written to them instead as per the instruction on their web site however, I am now worried that they have not received it as I have heard nothing back a and it has been two weeks.

  121. Sarah says:

    I have been trying to call the 0845 number for 3 weeks, from 8am to 8pm at night. Just rang the overseas number and had my details updated straight away, did not even ask where i was calling from. Elizabeth you are a star!!!

  122. Sarah says:

    Forgot to mention from above post. I sent them a letter a month ago and nothing had been done with it so do not post them anything, ring the overseas number! good luck!

  123. richard says:


  124. Vicky says:

    I have been trying to call wft for two weeks after they sent me a notification claiming I was earning when I had already phoned to tell them I wasn’t returning to work after the birth of my son! Now I’m thinking they have done this on purpose to pay me less as I had received a notification the week before with correct amount! Why did some waste of space decide to do that I wonder….? To make me phone a premium cost number 20 times a day for their benefit! Why don’t they say that they are busy at the beginning of the call instead? This is a con and I will be writing to my local mp 2moro! I tried the overseas number but miserable bat on phone told me it was priority line and to basically sod off! They are quick enough to contact you if u owe them a couple if quid! Will try diff number 2moro. I feel sorry for the person that finally answers my call!! Like my other half says wft should be WTF not the other way round!!

  125. Donna says:

    Hello everyone…. Just wanted to log on to leave this little note. The 01355 359007 DOES STILL WORK! I got through within 1 minute with no questions about where I was calling from – this is after trying the 0845 number for days!

  126. Vicky says:

    Rang 08453003600 got through straight away to be told I am jumping the queue! Guy on phone then gave me a lecture for 5minutes and asked loads of questions! He refused to help even though he spent the time listening to my query! He could have sorted my claim out in 30 seconds but told me to phone usual number!! Am absolutely livid!!! Aggggh!! Useless!!!

  127. Dulsabella says:

    Yahoo!!! Finally got through to a charming & helpful lady on 01355 number. I didn’t get told off and it’s all sorted!

  128. Michael says:

    tried the 0845 number one last time and got through to hold… been on hold or 15 mins so far!

  129. sharon says:

    I hav been trying to phone these people for 3 days. No luck so far. I have phoned the overseas number and have been in a queue for the last 15 minutes……………..GRRRRRRRRRR. Do you think they will be at all pleased if I ask to claim back expenses like all the MP’s???

  130. Jenny says:

    Aft trying all day to get through to the 0845 number and trying the agent priority line ( no joy there were not pleased at my ringing them!) I tried the overseas number got through in 2 rings and the form is now on it’s way to me. Bring back the online services!

  131. Ali says:

    I have been trying to get through on the 0845 number for a week (tried various times of week and day). Just got through 1st time using the Overseas number 01355 359007!!!

  132. Jo says:

    trust me the 01355 959 007 sure does work , after i have been trying the HMRc number for the pas 4 weeks, a lady pick up the phone and advised me i shouldn’t cal through on that number, told her it a sham calling 0845 3003900, no matter what time i called it. she looked it to my claim and i am happy things are in progress

  133. Marcel says:

    I sent my tax credits claim through the post via special delivery the beginning of July and still not had any sort of notification on my claim!! I am due to be paid tomorrow and am now concerned that I may not recieve my money ?????? !!!!!!

  134. tracey says:

    i have been ringig the 08453003900 number for 5 days now and never got through, i just rang 08453003600 and got through straight away yyeeaaahh !!!! try this number forget the 3900 number its a joke

  135. Carry says:

    Having unsuccessfully tried to get throught to Tax credits on: 0845 3003900, for almost a month, I took the advice of this site and called: 01355 359007, I can’t believe it, my call was answered within five rings and my querey dealt with in 10mins!!!!!

  136. Annoyed Armed Forces OVERSEAS says:

    The Armed forces number is very busy, us from overseas actually REALLY overseas call and need to be seen quick at international call rates, some use their welfare 30 mins to call this number from Afghan and Iraq. STOP using it and abusing it.

  137. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments on this post. I think it shows above all that the system for reporting Tax Credits changes needs some sort of overhaul. Comments are now closed.

  138. Christine says:

    Like most of previous post, i have called the 0845 no more times than I care to mention, only to have my calls disconnected by the voice..I found this page, which saved me wasting any more time and money calling the 0845 no, A BIG THANK YOU.. To Elizabeth..I got through to the 01355 no straight away, explained the situation, an they were more than happy to help..without getting told of for using 01355 no.. So thank you to everyone..especially Elizabeth who has saved the sanity and phone bills of so many…bless you.x


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