This little girl is NOT overweight!

Earlier this week my friend Fiona was horrified to receive a letter from her local Primary Care Trust informing her that her four-year-old daughter Isobel had been weighed and measured at school, and she is 'overweight' according to NHS guidelines. 'I felt as though I was a bad parent, as though I'd done something wrong,' she says.

Fiona was so angry that she rang GMTV – you can see her interview with Emma Crosby, and Dr Hilary Jones's verdict here . He makes the important point that BMI shouldn't be the only factor when considering weight.

Izzy is clearly a normal, healthy child (by the way, she's yawning because the TV cameras were there at 5am). She's very active and there isn't an ounce of fat on her.

Of course childhood obesity is a problem in the UK, but the NHS shouldn't be wasting resources targeting those families who don't have a weight issue.

written by Liz Jarvis