Must have toys for 3-10-year-olds – tried and tested by kids

Over the past fortnight Ella, four, Lily, six, Elsa, seven, Deme, seven and Ben, six have been rigorously testing this year’s Must Have Toys. Here, in no particular order, are their absolute favourites:

Tomy Battle Deck Mega Raceway (£30), suitable from age 6, available from Woolworths,, Tesco 'This is brilliant, I've played it loads with my dad it's lots of fun.'

Baby Annabell (£18-£45), suitable from age 3, available from Woolworths. 'She looks like a real baby and I like feeding her and cuddling her.'

Fur Real Lulu My Cuddlin’ Kitty (£39.99), suitable for 4 and up, available from Argos. 'I wanted a real kitten but my mum thinks this is the next best thing. I've even made a bed for her so she can sleep in my room.'

Liv doll, from Argos   (RRP £19.99), suitable from 6 and up. 'I love her clothes and she has really nice eyes. I also like that you can change her hair, she's very pretty.'

And don’t forget if you shop at any KidStart retailer today, you could win a Nintendo DS Lite, courtesy of! Have a fab weekend.

written by Liz Jarvis