Thomas Cook Airlines have launched a fantastic sale for January!

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Thomas Cook Airlines have launched a fantastic sale for January!

They have 1000’s of seats available from just £39.99 per person one way.  This offer is available to fantastic destinations such as Canaries, Turkey, the Balearics, Greece and more!  In fact, there are over 60 fantastic destinations to choose from so all holiday tastes are covered with Thomas Cook Airlines – did you know that they also fly to great ski destinations from just £19.99 per person one way?

There are also plenty of offers on flights a bit further away from home as well.   With regular flights to stunning destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba, India and the USA, you’re sure to find the perfect trip for you and your family.

Their best USA sale prices are just £389 return per person from Manchester to Miami or New York (JFK) and only £549 return per person to Las Vegas!

Plus, don’t forget that thanks to UK Chancellor, George Osborne UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) has been abolished for children over 2 and under 12, which means you will save up to £71 on return flights – your favourite destinations just got closer!

Thomas Cook Airlines are also currently upgrading their fleet and selected long haul flights will offer a new Premium service from May 2015 – with wider and comfier seats, premium food to dine on, even more entertainment options, a welcome drink and more – you can start your holiday in style!

All flights also offer the option of ordering a delicious three course James Martin meal as well as offering a full James Martin meal service free of charge on flights further away from home – available on flights from May 2015. The popular Celebrity chef has created a delicious range of exclusive meals and our sources at Thomas Cook Airlines, who have tasted the food personally, have assured us the quality is fantastic!

Additionally, all flights are ATOL protected so all you have to worry about is packing!

So get flying today with Thomas Cook Airlines and enjoy fantastic service at an even better price.


Get up to £6 back for your kids at Thomas Cook Airlines through KidStart >

Why Fly with Thomas Cook Airlines?

  • The best known name in travel with over 160 years’ experience.
  • Competitive pricing, flying to over 60 destinations worldwide.
  • Currently renewing and refreshing the fleet to give you the best possible experience on-board .
  • All flights are ATOL protected, so your money is safe with Thomas Cook Airlines.


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133 Responses to Thomas Cook Airlines have launched a fantastic sale for January!

  1. Leanne Kendrick says:

    It’s got to be Spain as that’s where some of my family live x

  2. Jane Orford says:

    to turkey with Hannah Fritzel Cornelius

  3. Kirsty Norris says:

    Egypt Gill Manwaring

  4. Hannah Fritzel Cornelius says:

    Ta ma

  5. Joyce Butler says:

    Has to be Florida, for me!

  6. Jen Airey says:

    Has to be Florida for me too x x Angela Airey x x

  7. Jessica Faye Watson says:

    Id love to take my fiancé Alan and little boy Alfie to Mexico! It’s so so so beautiful ☀️

  8. Liying Han says:

    Cuba for me as well!

  9. Lisa Beesley says:

    It would have to be lanzarote for me, so many happy memories from my childhood and would love to take my kids there! X

  10. Kelly McDowell-Farrington says:


  11. Kirsty Greer says:

    Would love a break, and would take Sarah StJohn and her family too xx

  12. Iain Maciver says:

    alison maciver

  13. Donna L Jones says:

    florida Sharon Ouzman

  14. Elaine Dale says:

    Jersey with Stuart Dale

  15. Tracey Baker says:

    Portugal with the Family!!

  16. Julie Clark says:

    Barbados 🙂 Karen Peaurt Denise Molyneux Heather Sanderson

  17. Elizabeth Evans says:

    C’mon Daf Evans -we’re off! 😉 x

  18. Colin Gault says:

    Florida….Janice Gilmour

  19. Mags Goode says:

    egypt come take a look Emma Lou George 🙂

  20. Janice Gilmour says:

    canada with my son ..callum gilmour

  21. Samantha Walker says:

    gran canaria 🙂 and i would go with Gavin Walker

  22. Kimberley Plant says:

    Olivia Kirby orlando 🙂 xx

  23. Sallyanne Marie Gooch says:

    Florida with my little girl and twin sister Victoria Gooch

  24. Alice Fox says:

    Gran Canaria xx

  25. Alice Fox says:

    Hayley Cunningham

  26. Karen Peaurt says:

    Dubai 🙂 Julie Clark Lin Daubney

  27. Melanie White says:

    Orlando would be good!! What do you think Jane White

  28. Lorna Ledger says:

    Barbados with Dawn Addlesee xx

  29. Dawn Addlesee says:

    hawii with Lorna Ledger xx

  30. Michelle Stokes says:

    Turkey with my daughter Faye Stokes

  31. Judith H Gutowski says:

    Egypt. With Heath Gutowsk

  32. Cody Mcallister says:

    Anywhere warm Decky Bradley

  33. Natalie Crossan says:

    barbados 🙂 Di Coke

  34. Jessica Threlkeld says:

    Barbados Glynis Magson

  35. Janine Phillips says:

    Cyprus, Kay Panayi

  36. Kieran Walsh says:

    tagged laura walsh, liked & shared, “EGYPT”.

  37. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    Barbados x Cirsty Hassell

  38. Tasha Howe says:

    Kayleigh Watkins anywhere hot plz xx

  39. Sandra Lane says:

    Cyprus Janet Slaytor

  40. Teresa Sheldon says:

    Dubai looks really great and love to go with Lucy sheldon

  41. Karen Howden says:


  42. Natalie Price says:


  43. Andrea Edge says:

    It would have to be Greece for me, i just love it there, what about you Emily Elizabeth Mayo?

  44. Anna Faikosch says:


  45. Angela L Paull says:

    I’d love to go back to Thailand…. Eve Burke

  46. Laura Morgans says:

    Mine is cuba too where I spent my honeymoon – I’d go with my hubby Ben – who else

  47. Tarbs Gill says:

    Missy Ani x

  48. Pamela Downey says:

    Barbados Mary Tasker

  49. Caroline Robertson says:


  50. Stephen Cooper says:

    Majorca Kirsty Cooper

  51. Ellie Spider says:

    Orlando 🙂 Miari Leona Workman

  52. James A Wright says:

    Egypt Georgina Catherine Ackroyd

  53. Nadyaa Sterlane says:

    Majorca with Artur Kurmelyov

  54. Rebecca Hodson says:

    USA with Pete Hodson. We would go and see friends there, if possible.

  55. Carl Nikki Coombes says:

    “Super, smashing, great.”

  56. Jess Powell says:

    USA Wendy Powell Woz Reeves

  57. Andrea Jayne says:

    florida Jodie Taylor

  58. Jeanette Davenport says:

    Canada tagging Cathy Levoir x

  59. Clifford Sherwood says:

    Turkey for me. Tagging Nicky Sherwood Liked and Shared

  60. Anita Hargreaves says:

    Liked and shared Rome tagging Rosemary Varney

  61. Suzzee Langton says:

    No holidays this year im afraid

  62. Lee Hardy says:

    Love Rhodes. Karen Hardy;

  63. Katarzyna Szewczyk says:

    Tenerife with Grzegorz Szewczyk

  64. Ray Becker says:


  65. Jayne Elizabeth Hall says:

    miami dom reb tobago morgan ellis

  66. Hayley Payton says:


  67. Lisa Baillie says:

    Tenerife Yvonne Craw

  68. Ellen Heather Jeanette Sturman says:

    Lia Jeanette Sturman lanzarote

  69. Lia Jeanette Sturman says:

    Italy Ellen Heather Jeanette Sturman

  70. Carrie-ann Woo Pierce says:

    I would love to go back to Jersey with Zoe Farr x

  71. Mike Gerrie says:

    Mallorca with Donna Gerrie and our daughter

  72. Kim J Styles says:

    The Maldives Hayley Pink

  73. Pam Mehroke says:

    Lanzarote with Lindy Kaur for some sea, sun, shopping and sangria

  74. Allan Fullarton says:

    Dubai with Graham Fullarton

  75. Sue Wood says:

    Egypt Wendy Hartley

  76. Rose Wells says:

    Barbados Ina Robinson x

  77. Leanne Perrett says:

    i have always wanted to visit south America maybe peru Kirstie Bingham

  78. Laura Stewart says:


  79. Glenn Marvell-James says:

    Turkey with Laura Marvell-James

  80. James Maffey says:

    Canada with Laura Maffey

  81. Valerie Cooper says:

    the maldives with eileen underdown

  82. Natalee Gosiewski says:

    Kelly Smith

  83. Nicola Jones says:

    Tenerife with Tina Cleveland

  84. Christine Ann Wilson says:

    Egypt x Tracy M Hanley

  85. CarolinDuncanWheeler says:

    Lanzarote for us 🙂

  86. Michelle Rutter Hughes says:

    New York with my best friend @tara louise price

  87. Lorraine Frances Polley says:

    tenerife with Susan Jean Allen

  88. Vicky Thomas says:

    Egypt with this crazy bunch Bevan Harrison

  89. Dominic Chapman says:

    Miami 🙂

  90. Laura JJ Hand says:

    Cuba Annette Cooke

  91. Peggy Muncie says:

    got to be Greece with James Munciex

  92. Arthur Humphreys says:

    NYC. Tracey Redfern

  93. Jacqui Rushton says:

    Cape verde Jax Rose

  94. Julie West says:

    Canada Eirian West

  95. Kirsty Fox says:

    Barbados with Kelly-Ellen Hirst

  96. Debbie Stewart says:


  97. Zoe Coen says:

    Tenerife Toni Duggan

  98. Claire Thomson Little says:

    new york 🙂 Lynsey Buchanan xx

  99. Kay Ellerby says:

    ♡♡♡ Barbados ♡♡♡
    @maxine pinto

  100. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    Orlando , Florida

  101. Ruth Harwood says:

    Rhodes with Irene Jackson

  102. Charmaine Godolphin says:

    NEw York ! Dilligaf Frost

  103. May Ellen Hockenhull says:

    NYC – Lynn Brown

  104. Michelle Wright says:

    anywhere at all x

  105. Antonia Richardson says:

    new york

  106. Sandra Rubery says:

    lanzarote, im scared of water and i want to try snorkeling again as i failed tremendously last time! No-one can scream under water like i can!

  107. Dorothy Cavender says:

    Austarlia David Cavender

  108. Tina Sinclair says:

    turkey Adrian Sinclair

  109. Samantha Ripley O'Donnell says:

    Tenerife Phil O’Donnell

  110. Michelle Orchard says:

    Susan Orchard definitely Cape verde U0001f603U0001f603

  111. Carly Byham says:

    new york

  112. Liz Ferguson says:


  113. Ashley Hughes Cserbakoi says:

    Nyc Andrew Hungy Cserbakoi

  114. Sammy Fairman says:

    I’m actually off to Menorca so I’m going to say there! Tagging Mandy Hopkinson xx

  115. Mandy Hopkinson says:

    Anywhere warm x

  116. Tom J Morrison says:

    Barbados Shell Morris

  117. Helena Fruin says:

    Orlando been before and its awesome x

  118. Janet Clegg says:

    Florida Lucy Taylor

  119. Laura J Coulson says:

    orlando Leigh Marea Boyle

  120. Leanne Kendrick says:

    Vicky Kenny x

  121. Vicky Kenny says:

    Florida Kerry Copp Chapman

  122. Kerry Copp Chapman says:

    Yes… Florida would be fab…Vicky Kenny

  123. Michaela Atkins says:

    tenerife John Poole

  124. Cody Mcallister says:

    New York

  125. Tracey Claxton says:

    It’s my 50th this year so it would have to be *Las Vegas* to celebrate in style with Paul Harvey (y) 🙂

  126. KidStart says:

    Thank you all for your comments! The winners are Jane Orford (who chose Turkey) and Julie Kenny (who chose Egypt) – Congrats! Please send us an email at with your full name and address and Thomas Cook will send you the teddy bear straight to your door 🙂

  127. George Williamson says:

    Eastbourne Liked

  128. Susan Jean Allen says:

    New York with my bestie Lorraine Frances Polley x

  129. Natalie Gillham says:

    Italy Jazzmine Gillham 🙂 x

  130. KidStart says:

    Hi Jane – Congrats, you’ve won! Please send us an email at with your full name and address and Thomas Cook will send you the teddy bear straight to your door 🙂

  131. KidStart says:

    Hi Julie – Congrats, you’ve won! Please send us an email at with your full name and address and Thomas Cook will send you the teddy bear straight to your door

  132. Julie Kenny says:

    thanks so much and well done to Jane too x

  133. Stacey Caine says:

    Can i ask Julie Kenny and Hannah Fritzel Cornelius how do you get alerts on facebook such as with this competition when kidstart mentioned your name above. I want to set up my facebook so if any page where i’ve entered a competition replies on a comment instead of private messaging me, i want to be able to find it in time instead of losing out on a potential win 🙁 lol..thanks x


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