Time to enjoy the spoils of the hunt

This is the only money you need worry about getting through for a day or two

I love the lazy post Christmas days when all you really have to worry about is how much more can your fridge cope with, and taking a sweepstake on when, not if, the double cream topples onto the ham. It’s such a relief not to have to reach for my purse every five minutes and realise, that for three whole days, my bank account has remained intact. The only money which left the house since Christmas Eve has been the children’s Christmas money. According to today’s Daily Telegraph Briitish bargain hunters spent 13 million hours shopping online on Boxing Day and I can exclusively reveal that without my daughters’ contributions from the sofa they would be looking decidedly less impressive. You can expect an upswing in La Senza’s figures any day now. I just hope they were using my KidStart account. And the best thing about having everyone together over the last few days is realising that this year all the planning and agonising paid off. Everyone was happy with their presents – my eldest daughter’s glittery high heels were a tad snug – we had a bit of a Cinderella moment on Christmas afternoon –  but that was sorted out with a trip to Oxford Street (I think it was just the excuse to go out that she was looking for) and apart from that everything else is being happily worn, read, and played with. In the next few days I’m going to be working out my financial New Year’s resolutions, but for now the receipts can stay where they are, stashed away, but unsorted, while I play with my presents. Let me know what Father Christmas bought you and we can compare notes!