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"The Tippitoes Eze Stroller is smart looking, sturdy but easy to manoeuvre and my son was very comfortable sitting in it.  When it arrived I had to attach the hood and the front wheels, which was easy enough, the instructions that came with the pushchair didn't state how to attach the wheels but this was no problem really as it was quite straight forward they just clipped quite easily into place.


The instructions that came with the pushchair were in diagrams which I don't think were very clear and were quite hard to work out, fortunately most of the instructions that were on the leaflet such as how to attach the harness were already in place on the pushchair so didn't really have to follow them,

This pushchair came with a foot muff and rain cover, I didn't really get to use the foot muff as the weather was quite sunny but it fits well, looks smart and I think baby would be very snug and comfortable in it, the rain cover is also well fitting and can be easily folded to fit in the basket underneath the pushchair. The basket itself is small but handy for small items of shopping, you do have to unload the basket from the back of the pushchair which is quite difficult if you have the seat in recline, also I found it difficult to put the seat back into an upright position after reclining it because to do this there is a drawstring with a button in the middle situated at the back of the seat which you push down to loosen the string to recline and to get the seat into an upright position the instructions state that you should push the button up, the trouble with this is that the button doesn't move upwards so basically you have to tighten the drawstring which still stays quite loose, therefore the seat doesn't go fully upright and I found that when my little boy leant forward the seat moved with him rather than staying in a fixed position, fortunately it didn't go too far forward and I didn't find this too much of a problem but it's not ideal. 

The pushchair has a handy little pocket at the back of the seat which was ideal for keeping things like house keys, baby's dummy etc and there is a little window on the hood which I particularly liked as it meant I could keep an eye on my little boy as I pushed him along and make sure he didn't kick his shoes off! The pushchair folds down very easily and I was quite surprised at how compact it is for such a good sized pushchair! All in all I would say it is a very nice pushchair, I enjoyed pushing my son in it knowing he was comfy and the only real niggle was the reclining feature."
Zoe Ryan, 34, Manchester

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