8 Tips for choosing the perfect Leggings

Leggings have become a necessary item for many women’s wardrobe. These comfortable trouser and tight’s hybrid are a useful item for layering in a wider clothing choice. They can add a vivid touch of colour or texture to an outfit, in addition to providing warmth to legs under a skirt in cold weather.

As the fashion becomes more and more varied and moves away from the traditional black or grey of the past, this makes choosing the right ones a harder process. Our tips look into some basic aspects that women should consider before making a purchase.

Choose a matte fabric over something shiny

When it comes to leggings, matte textiles look more sophisticated and are much more adaptable than flashy fabrics.

Choosing the right Shirt

Combining them with a shirt that’s long enough to act as a dress can make you look fantastic and keep you looking on top of your style. A long silky top, whether skinny fit or loose-fitting, when mixed is a piece of clothing that never fails to make an impression. Perfect to be worn on a special day as well as just a normal day at work.

Choosing the ideal length

You can never go wrong with full length leggings, they make your legs appear longer. Ankle high length can also look attractive particularly with heels.

Wear them with a Cardigan

If you feel uncomfortable wearing leggings with a shorter shirt, just add a super long cardigan.

Choose the right footwear

Leggings can look odd with the wrong footwear. It’s best to choose flats, boots, or a low heel.

Feel the texture

Leather with suedes? Sure, why not! If you’re wearing fake leather, just make sure the quality is high because these types can make them look more like sports wear.

Advice for taller women

Women who are tall can wear slimming leggings under a skirt, tunic or long tops. If you have long legs and want to wear a dress that is short and you could not wear it alone, you can pair it with slimming leggings of the colour which matches a part of the dress. A dark coloured shirt or top can be paired with graphical leggings and tall boots to make your dress complete. If you consider a casual look, you should wear a tunic that covers your thighs to your knee and wear the slimming leggings alone.

Advice for shorter women

For shorter women, you should consider wearing the trendiest jean leggings which are also known as jeggings. You can use jeggings along with long boots to make you look perfectly dressed. They are also quite comfortable like the slimming leggings and you can complete your all day activities with ease. You should select dark coloured jeggings so that they can match up with the boots which you are wearing.

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