10 Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake

There is a lot of discussion at the moment, about the negative effects of sugar consumption in the western world.

One report stated that we consume 238 teaspoonfuls of sugar each week in Britain, and academics and researchers are warning thatsugar is as dangerous as alcoholand cigarettes.

So, how easy is it to wean yourself and your family off the sweet stuff? We have a few tips on cutting down on refined sugar:

1. Start by really reading the labels on the food you buy and simply don’t buy items with lots of sugar content such as sweets, biscuits and ready-meals.

2. Make your own smoothies instead of buying ready made ones. I recently discovered that a ‘healthy’ smoothie my family was regularly drinking was filled with sugars.


3. Learn about fruit. Some types of fruit are more sugary than others. As a guideline, the more watery the fruit, the less dense the sugar content will be. When you do consume fruit, try to eat a handful of nuts or seeds at the same time.

4. Drop the alcohol – that evening glass of wine or two to unwind is loaded with sugar!

5. Start the day with an alternative to sugary breakfast cereals such as porridge sweetened with a few blueberries or strawberries and sprinkled with seeds. This way you won’t start your day with a sugar spike causing you to crave more sweet things later on.


6. Freeze bananas as a nice alternative to shop-bought lollipops and ice creams.

7. Stop buying fizzy, sugary drinks, period.  If they are not available for long enough, a thirsty child will get into the habit of drinking water instead.


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8. If you usually reward your kids with sugary treats, think of some alternatives such as stickers, small toys and fun!

9. Keep non-sugary snacks available around the house and when out such as carrot sticks, nuts, cheese and crackers.


10. Stop adding spoonfuls of sugar to those cups of coffee and tea during the day – you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to the taste.

Do you have any sugar reducing tips to share?

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