To bet or not to bet?

I probably shouldn’t say this, being a responsible mummy money blogger an’ all, but I do like the occasional flutter. I blame Harold, an unfeasibly stylishly dressed and theatrical  octogenerian who used to phone me at work with racing tips and ask me to nip out to the bookies for him in my lunch hour, It didn’t happen all that often but when it did he invariably picked a winner. But much as I enjoy the vicarious thrill of seeing millions of pounds dangling tantalisingly out of reach, I don’t really get caught up in the frenzy of the National Lottery with its rollovers and instant multi millionaires who won’t let the money change their lives… I prefer the instant thrill of the penny falls on the pier and will always choose a night at the dogs to an afternoon at the races -shorter races, smaller stakes, and better odds. I’m  not alone, now that the American economy appears to be in freefall more and more investors are describing the stock market as a glorified casino we’re all coming out of the closet as secret gamblers. So if we’re going to bet with our hard-earned cash we might as well do it in a good cause which is why I’m thrilled to hear that Bliss, the charity for pre mature and sick babies, has started its own lottery.   All you have to do is donate a pound a week to Bliss to be in with a chance of winning £25,000! 50p from every pound donated goes to Bliss and 50p goes towards the prize fund – so simple! Find out more at Amanda Deal of the day: Earn 6% for your Kiddybank and be in with a chance of winning a two hundred pound Avon hamper by shopping at Avon through KidStart, or by emailing [email protected] with your Top Beauty Tip! Scary statistic of the day: According to Workplace Retirement Income Commission three quarters  of us who retire after 2020 will find that our private pension leaves us ‘inadequately equipped’ for daily life .