To Lift or Not To Lift?

Whether you love Liz Jones or not (and if you don’t know her she’s a journalist famous for irritating a lot of people with her views on men, women and living in the country) the woman’s got a lot of guts. This weekend she spilled all in the Mail on Sunday about the realities of having a facelift. Donatella Versace – David Shankbone Undergoing six different treatments, the most invasive of which was a lower facelift, which involved incisions being made behind her ears, and the skin of her face being pulled back to tighten her lower cheeks and neck. The results are impressive and she looks amazing though strangely she no longer resembles herself. Liz’s reason for having one was at 52 years she didn’t like her ageing face. I have to say the article had me looking at my own line-ridden features. Aged I like to feel somewhat prematurely by not having more than three hours sleep in a row over the last five years (thanks kids). And pulling my own cheeks back behind my ears I definitely look younger, but also as my husband pointed out, slightly mad! So would I have a facelift or cosmetic surgery to stay young, no I’m afraid not! Partly because I believe all this lifting, pulling and injecting robs men and women of their natural beauty but also because I think reaching for plastic surgery teaches kids and teens that getting older is something bad to be avoided at all costs. But what about you? Would you have a facelift to roll back the years or do you plan on loving your look wrinkles and all? Let me know. Anita Deal of the day: WIN one of 2 prizes – £75 or £25 in your Kiddybank! To enter, simply answer this question: To cope with the everyday bumps and scrapes of the kids, what does your ideal first aid kit contain? Email your answer to [email protected]. Sponsored by First Aid Warehouse