To save or not to save…

My self imposed plan to save 10% of all I spend is in slight disarray. It started so well, with £2 and £4 kerchinging cheerfully into my jam jar after a trip to the Co-op and Sainsbury, only to find myself reaching into it  a day later, like a chimp grasping for peanuts, to fund a  £2.50 emergency ice lolly run. I blame half term. I’ll let you know how it’s looking at the end of June.
Meanwhile, with Royal Ascot and Wimbledon round the corner – the traditional time for baiting the rich – it’s  boaters, fascinators, and witty little Philip Treacy numbers off to hedge fund boss Chris Cooper-Hohn who has donated £1B to children in the last five years.

His charitable foundation,  the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, is funded by his hedge fund business and uses the same ruthless clear-eyed efficiency to save and improve children’s lives. It demonstrates, that, like KidStart, big business and small children can go hand in hand.

Sneering at City boys has become a bit of a national sport, and I can only go on my admittedly limited experience, but I have always found the girls and boys in the Square Mile to be among the most generous people I know. They never shirk their round, or quibble about the bill (“But I only had the daal”), or suddenly have no cash for a raffle ticket. And you always know when things are going well because they throw a big party.

As someone whose best frock is currently a Laura Ashley wraparound liberated from Oxfam, I’m as tempted as anyone else to get snippy at bankers for their Armani suits and Pink shirts, but even  I can’t begrudge someone a flash suit if they’ve spent £1000 on mosquito nets for Malawi before breakfast.  I’d rather share my time with him than some mealy-mouthed hippy who can’t sully his principles by forking out £2 on the Big Issue or a poppy.

What’s your opinion?

Scary statistic of the day:
According to Aviva £190,000 worth of goods were stolen at the seven biggest music festivals last summer, so leave your iPhone at home, get yourself an unflattering bumbag and don’t leave anything in your tent but yesterday’s socks.

Deal of the day:
It’s finally starting to look like summer, and if you’re staycationing or going abroad, book your rental car with Hertz, who are offering 6% back (usually 3.5%) until 6th June.