Today’s the day to help Children in Need!

Anita got the ball rolling yesterday with news of KidStart’s fantastic way to help the BBC’s Children in Need appeal and today’s the day you can help thousands of children simply by shopping for your own. You don’t have to sit in a bath full of cold baked beans, shave your head or run the marathon. All you have to do is shop for groceries, Christmas presents, that new fridge, through KidStart today (Friday November 18th) and KidStart will donate any money they make from those retailers to the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal. You can still take advantage of all the best deals and receive just as much money in your KiddyBank as normal, it just means Children in Need benefit too. And if you want to know where the money goes, all you have to do is browse around the grants pages of the Children in Need website . The money is used to improve children’s lives in straightforward practical ways – money for youth clubs, activity holidays, after school clubs, help with settling into a new country and a new school counselling for children stuck in the middle of warring parents. After school centres; youth clubs, trips and holidays for children who never get to see the seaside are first in line for public spending cuts so this money has never been needed more. And as Anita pointed out yesterday – the more people we can reach the more money we can make for Children in Need, so please help spread the word. And don’t forget if KidStart can get an extra 25,000 Facebook fans by midnight on  November 23 they will donate another £500 to Children in Need.