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Welcome to The Mum Test, where we’ll be running reviews of relevant products from our tried and tested panel of mums just like you. Each month we will be adding more products and reader reviews in The Mum Test section of the blog. If you are interested in participating then please contact us here.
   destress naked utterly relaxing angelica bath foam destress naked utterly relaxing angelica bath foam Price: £5.91 for 300ml (RRP) Retailer: Boots  
“Lovely herby fragrance. Makes my skin soft, and it also makes me feel relaxed (and quite sleepy) so perfect for a soak at the end of a stressful day chasing around after my kids.”Jane Nolan, 27, Swindon           Rating:   5/5
Radox Green Tea infusion Price: £1.99 (RRP) Retailers: Boots Superdrug
“I love this – it has a nice, relaxing, light summer fragrance and plenty of bubbles without being too sudsy. A little goes a long way.” Jen Berry, 31, Harrogate / Rating:   5/5
Spa Paradisa coconut and frangipani bath soak  Price: £7.00 Retailers: Debenhams
“I really like the fragrance of this bath soak – the scent reminds me of holidays. It also leaves my skin feeling soft. My only concern is that it comes in a glass bottle which isn’t very practical with a very active toddler in the house who is into everything, so I have to keep it out of range.”Emma Morgan, 31, Wolverhampton / Rating:   5/5
Boots Expert Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste Price: £2.99 (RRP) Retailer: Boots
“Having recently acquired two bad habits, black coffee (no dairy) and a red wine (white is too acidic), my teeth have been a shade darker and I realised my usual toothpaste just wasn’t up to scratch.  But as I also suffer from sensitive teeth, I’ve been wary of whitening toothpastes as they do hurt over time.  So thank goodness for this! It’s actually keeping my teeth white and even though I’ve used it for over a month now, there’s been none of the usual sharp sensitivity I get this other brands.  Very pleased with the results and this one’s a keeper!”Sarah Moolla, Bristol    Rating:  5/5
Image coming Aloe Vera Whitening toothpaste Price: £3.99 (RRP) Retailer: Holland and Barratt
“When my husband saw this in the bathroom he spat ‘Aloe Vera toothpaste…no thank you!’. To be honest, my reaction was similar. I’m funny about toothpaste and have always avoided the natural varieties for fear of them tasting bad. However, this toothpaste was a pleasant surprise. It’s fresh with a hint of mint and not too harsh. I’ve enjoyed using it, but haven’t noticed my teeth getting any whiter. They have been professionally whitened already and whilst using the toothpaste, I haven’t noticed any staining, so perhaps it’s doing its job. And the kids like it too.”Sally Brockway, 43, Surrey          Rating:   5/5
Radox Clean & Moisturise Handwash with Jojoba and Chamomile Price: £1.69 (RRP) Retailer: Tesco Ocado
“I always use a handwash in the bathroom and kitchen and encourage the kids to do the same. What I love about this one, apart from the lovely fragrance, is that it’s naturally antibacterial. It didn’t dry my hands – in fact they felt very soft after using. I’d definitely buy it again.”Vicky James, 29, Tunbridge Wells          Rating:   5/5
Tara Smith Feed The Root Shampoo Price: £4.85 (RRP) Retailer: Asda  
“I love the smell of this shampoo – it contains bamboo and menthol which made my scalp tingle all over. My hair has been feeling really dry, but after using this shampoo it felt super soft and nourished, and everyone said it looked glossy and full. Would buy again.Vicky James, 29, Tunbridge Wells           Rating:   5/5
Naked Volume Unleashed Body Building Shampoo Price: £3.91 (RRP) Retailer: Boots  
“What a fantastic product. The packaging is an amusing read while waiting for your shower to warm up and using the shampoo takes a little getting used to as it doesn’t lather up the same as other products due to 97 percent natural ingredients. (The company also only use ingredients from sustainable sources – a little help towards the environment.) However it is fantastic! Many people have commented on my hair since using it, asking if I have been to the hairdressers and how shiny it looks. I will be buying it again in the very near future.”Jen Berry, 31, Harrogate           Rating:   5/5
Body Formula 3-in-1 Cooling leg Gel Price: £5.00 (RRP) Retailer: Marks and Spencer
“Cooling leg Gel by M&S comes in a clear sophisticated bottle. The gel contains menthol and eucalyptus which gives you an instant cooling sensation when applied to your feet and legs. The gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised, perfect for those hot days.  The gel also contains Xyleine an ingredient which reduces the rate of hair regrowth and I have seen a difference after two weeks.” Katie Tibble, Wolverhampton           Rating:   4/5
Veet Ready-to-Use wax strips Price: £6.21 (RRP) for 20 strips Retailer: Boots Superdrug
“I found these really easy to use, very effective and importantly they left little waxy residue after use. I would buy them in the future.”Alison Hunt, 36, Surrey           Rating:  5/5
Ped Egg foot file Price: £9.99 (RRP) Retailer: Boots Asda Superdrug Debenhams
“While this looks like a grater, once I got over my fear and used it I found it incredibly effective and surprisingly painless. It left my feet silky smooth and removed even the toughest dry skin.”Alison Hunt, 36, Surrey           Rating:   5/5