Tomy Premier Freestyle All Seasons Baby Carrier – product review

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"Not your usual average baby carrier because it includes a rain cover for baby and so can be used whatever the weather. It states 0 -12 months for use but I guess it depends on the weight of your baby as it takes the weight of a baby up to 20lbs and we used it with our 14 month old, but I have another one due in 2 weeks and I can see this carrier being an absolute life saver with two under two as it will enable me to have my hands free to deal with Lucy when I am out and about whatever the British summer might throw at us.

Needed a few adjustments to straps to get it to be comfortable for both parent and child but once completed it was well supportive of the back, weight is well distributed and Lucy seemed very comfortable. You can carry baby either facing you or facing outwards. On the whole a good, well thought through practical product with nice touches like a detachable dribble bib for when a small baby is facing you so you don't get covered it dribble, sick, milk etc…. and a neck support for use with small baby."

Angela Larkin, Sheffield

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